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  1. yobboford

    4wdTV Easter event @ Eldee station - Broken Hill

    Hi Guys and Girls, We had planned to be attending the 4wd TV Easter event at Eldee station out Broken Hill way but now due to the Mrs needing to have Surgery (Sinus drilling, yuk) on the 31st March we now cannot attend. They have a no refunds policy and its not their fault we can't go so I am...
  2. yobboford

    Talbotville after New Years.

    Hi Mexican members, I'm planning on taking my Mrs and kidlets for a camp and explore around Talbotville just after New Years, say the 2nd or 3rd to the 4th or 5th and was planning on camping there then heading off to do Blue Rag one day and Billy Goats the other. So first question is will...
  3. yobboford

    Yobbo's home built Trailer

    Howdy guys and girls, over the last few months I have been tinkering away in my spare time building a trailer from the tub that came off my D-max so I thought now that it's registered I would throw together a bit of a thread about the build. It all began when I decided to replace the tub with...
  4. yobboford

    Observation Run 20/07/14

    Hi All, For anyone that is interested in coming along I am doing an observation run on Sunday 20th. All you need is a car (no off-road so the family hack is fine), someone to navigate and write the answers as you go and a good attitude :) . For anyone that hasn't done one before you are...
  5. yobboford

    EOI for an Observation Run?

    G'day all, I have done plenty of observation runs before and organised a few aswell so I would like to know if there would be enough interest to have one here in Sydney on Sunday 20th July??? For those that haven't done one before they are great day out with the family/mates where you have...
  6. yobboford

    NSW Camper Trailer

    Not sure if this is the right place for it but it is a registered trailer so I guess it should be here, lol item Detail- 2010 Sherpa Tents Soft floor camper on a 7 x 4 high side trailer Year - tent 2010, trailer 2006. Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - S36442 Engine Number - none...
  7. yobboford

    Isuzu D-Max 2012

    Isuzu D-Max, 2012 Good Points Power, room, comfort, price. Bad Points none yet, but give me time. What mods have you done? none yet What mods are on the list to do? the usual touring stuff for the back. Why did you buy this vehicle? best vehicle in my budget...
  8. yobboford

    Son Of Trials 2012

    Hi Guys and Girls, Thought I would start a new thread for reports and photos from SOT held over the weekend, unfortunately I had to depart a little earlier than planned this morning due to a crook back but I had fun watching the guys compete yesterday and enjoyed another fun night sharing...
  9. yobboford

    Matty needs a MRS!!!

    Hi Fellow Earthers, As some of you may know one of our favorite Sydney members is Matty (jeep_jk112) and he is a happy go lucky easy going great guy. But sadly our little friend is having a little trouble in the dating game and has asked a few of us to form a committee to help him find a...
  10. yobboford

    NSW 80 series 4" lift - complete kit.

    Item Detail - 80 series Landcruiser 4" lift kit Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - suits late 92 on Condition - Dobinsons 4" lift kit including 4 coils (dobinsons), 4 shocks (dobinsons), extended swaybar mounts (superior engineering), extended bump stops (home made heavy duty), adjustable panhard...
  11. yobboford

    Who has forced induction on their 4.5 petrol cruiser?

    Howdy All, I am after real world reviews of forced induction set ups for the 4.5L petrol cruisers, I am tossing up between going either super charged (sprintex or similar positive displacement type) or turbo charged or the good old V8 5lt Holden (yes the swear word) injected route. I am...
  12. yobboford

    FS SYD 80 series Rear diff centre with auto locker installed

    Hi, I am in the process of making my truck more of a tourer at the moment so I have decided to pull the rear "LOKKA" out of it and just keep the front one for now, therefore I am looking to sell the complete centre with the lokka installed and replace it with a standard centre instead so what...
  13. yobboford

    Fishing around Sydney

    Howdy all, Does anyone have a favourite fishing spot around Sydney/Wollongong that is land based and preferably can get the car right to where your fishing (4wd only even better)? I want to start taking my son who is 6 fishing a bit more, but, he does get bored like all 6 year olds so if...
  14. yobboford

    Suggestions for New Years weekend in NSW

    Hi All, Could I please tap into the incredible wealth of knowledge available here and ask for peoples suggestions for a camping area for the New Years weekend that fits the following criteria: Within 3 hours of Sydney (The Mrs can only get away at lunchtime on Friday and has to be back at...
  15. yobboford

    Son of Trials + 5th-6th Nov.

    Howdy all, Just wondering if anyone is heading to this or entering? Nissan Patrol Club of NSW & ACT Inc I have entered and will be heading down first thing Sat morning at this stage, would be good to see a few of you down there. Cheers, Rob.
  16. yobboford

    A fun Night

    With no plans for the night a last minute night run was decide on for last night and a quick ring around saw 4 of us heading into the bush for a quick run. Me in the 80, a 4runner, a Pathfinder and a Challenger. We picked a track we hadn't done too often but knew had about 4 or 5 good rock...