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    News.. Kimbereleys being mined and nuclear waste dump for Flinders Ranges!!

    Dampier Peninsula some 60km west of Derby Point a Mineral sands mine at least 1km deep will be started 2017. And on Bandioota Station in Flinders Ranges maybe a Nuclear Waste Dump. On radio today it was announced that Liberal man apparently has a share in the land.
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    Karlamilyi NP aka Rudall River

    Hi wondering if it worth the trip .Wanting to start Alice Springs end of Gary Junction Rd and end up at Karlamilyi N.P. I have about 1100kms fuel range. Hard finding a detailed map of tracks within the N.P. >W.A. P.W.S have map but only show a couple tracks. Thanks
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    Canopy for Hilux

    Looking for good canopy and how to stop dust and water getting in tailgate?