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  1. shaun0

    Perth workshop recommendations

    Gday havnt been on here for a while. My Landcruiser is parked at Perth Airport and ill need to get a full service done on it when i get back probably in July some time before a mate and myself drive North towards Darwin! Dont know any workshops in Perth so just wondering if any one knows one I...
  2. shaun0

    Cairns workshop recommendations

    My 100 series is up in Cairns now for a while and basically need all the bushes replaced under the car and generally check every thing. Plus full service etc. Its got Icon shocks etc and basically fully modified with the usual mods. Cheers Shaun
  3. shaun0

    Anyone own this lol?
  4. shaun0

    Sticking Throttle

    Has one had a sticking throttle issue before? Mine is a 1HD-FTE with 5 speed auto and recently the thottle some times gets stuck on full and doesnt seem to be the peddle getting stuck I think it must be the unit in the engine bay maybe the one that puts the idle up or adjusts the throttle for...
  5. shaun0

    Snow this week

    Suppose to be a massive dump of snow this week up to 2m in some reports. Pretty unusual for this late in the season so could be interesting it startes some time later tomorrow and will continue until later in the week. Fun times to be had I think mind you could all be a fizzer but its looking...
  6. shaun0

    2004 Prado TD rebuild?

    My cousin has blown the engine due to a cracked radiator and no water so they pulled it down and its got a cracked head. They quoted $9000 for a rebuild on the Gold Coast or about $6000 for a 2nd hand motor with 200k on it. Does any one know some one that might be good to do this on the Gold...
  7. shaun0

    2006 HDJ100R GXL

    Bought this with 223,000Km on it and its a 5 speed auto. Canberra car it came with factory bullbar and winch and had a shock change and towbar thats it for the mods. I replaced the factory bullbar and winch which was stuffed after first use with the wire all lose wrapped and it cracked the...
  8. shaun0

    2006 100 series

    Hi from Canberra. Got a 2006 GXL 1HD-FTE 223k when I got it now 230k and so far just full serviced Cooper st maxx 275/75/17 and factory bullbar and winch. Winch is stuffed now so probably changing to smittybilt and ARB commercial bullbar. Its also booked in for 50mm lift with bilsteins diff drop...