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    Exhaust restrictors.

    Have heard taking out the exhaust restrictors in a 3.3 ltr Jackaroo will give more power and better fuel economy. Any one here know if that's true or not ?
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    Bullumwaal gold mining exhibition day 2014.

    When March long weekend. Venue Bullumwaal hall Bullumwaal. What to expect. Learn techniques and types of tools used by the experts to recover gold and gemstones. Displays of local gold and gemstones. Displays of gold and gemstone recovery equipment. Displays of interesting mining and...
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    Jaffle iron

    Im starting to get a little tierd of both eggs and baked beans. Any one here got a few suggestions of what to put in them.
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    Is it just me. Or are we getting a lot of spam.:(
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    Womat P.O. campground

    Dose any hear know what the Wambat P.O. campground is like.?
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    Razerback spur track.

    Has any one hear been on Razerback spur Rd. And Wombat creek Track.? Planning a trip and would like to get some idea as to what there both like before i head off.
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    Bullumwaal gold mining exhibition day

    Date; Sunday 11 March 2012. Time; 10am-4.30pm. Venue:Historic Bullumwaal hall. What to expect. Learn techniques and types of tools used by the experts to recover gold and gemstones.A photographic exhibition of local mining activities. Displays of local gold and gemstone.Displays of gold...
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    Harold Lasseter

    Just out of curiosity. Dos any one here know of him ?.
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    My trip to White Cliffs.

    Well here go's my first trip report. I left Bairnsdale for White cliffs on monday 6th of june.Made my way through Melbourne all right with help of my gps. Headed up the Calder Hwy toward Wycheproof.I Wasent quite sure just how far i was going to go in one day. But i manage to get my self to a...
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    Some thing different

    Im not new. I've been here a while now. How have you all been.
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    Thank You

    Just a short note of thank's. To all of the people who turn up here. On a regular basice to help make this a really great site. THANK YOU.:o
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    White Cliffs

    Any one here know of any good camping grounds around the White Cliffs area.
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    A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in Australia. Well, there's a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil. We just didn't know we were getting low.The reason for that is purely geographical. Our oil is located in Bass striat East...
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    scanner frequencies

    Any one here got any scanner frequencies.
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    bull bar

    Im thinking bout getting my self a bull bar.Any advice or suggestions.Would be greatfull.:)
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    prospecting weekend

    There will be a prospecting weekend.Hosted by the north east branch of the P.M.A.V.At the Buckland river.On the laber day weekend of 12/13/14 of march 2011.There is a campsite big enuf for tents and caravans.All interested should call Bill Gleeson on (03) 57 44 12 63
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    i brought myself a brand new stick of deodorant the other day.The instruction read.''twist off top push up bottom''. I spent the rest of the day in casualty. But my farts still smell first class.:D
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    Merry x-mass

    Merry x-mass and a happy and safe new year to one and all.:D
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    best tent or swag

    Whats the best tent or swag you have ever ownd
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    any other jackaroo owners here or am i the only one here:)