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  1. PK Kitchens

    Looking for a 4x4 Suzuki

    Looking for a susuki 4x4. Max 4k. Pk
  2. PK Kitchens

    Deep creek number 1.

    Hey just thought I would let ppl know. I was talking to someone who works with DSE a lot. He was telling me that deep creek 1 will be closed permanently from the step up to the top. You'll be able to access down to the creek bed but not any further. It's because they are doing a lot...
  3. PK Kitchens

    Border track over queens birthday

    Hey guys and girls. A few of us are doing a trip along border track on the border of Vic and sth aus. We will be doing a fair chunk of sunset country and big desert as well. We all live in the eastern suburbs so we've all got a bit of a drive. We are leaving on the Thursday morning and...
  4. PK Kitchens

    Best deep cycle batteries

    Hey ppl. I'm just wondering what ppl think is the best deep cycle batterie on the market. I'm happy spending $300-$500 on something really good, It's going to get mounted under the tray on the ute. All it's going to do is run the fridge and that's it. It's becoming the third batterie for...
  5. PK Kitchens

    Sheepyards. 6-7-8th of December

    Hey everyone Sorry for taking so long to get a trip report up but it is the silly session and I've been flat out at work. I've only got a few photos on my phone I can upload for now but I do have heaps more on my camera but I don't have time at the moment to load them all up but I will soon...
  6. PK Kitchens

    Camping at sheep yard 6-7-8th dec

    Hey PPL. We are planing a camping weekend on the weekend of the 6-7-8th of December. It's mainly a camping weekend but there will be ample chance to go 4wding. The only real driving I plan on is a huts tour on one of the days ( prolly Saturday ) and that's about it really...
  7. PK Kitchens

    Coil over leaf conversion.

    Has anyone done a coil over leaf conversion on there truck. I've got a 99 GU PATROL leaf cab. Any feed back would be good. Thanks. PK.
  8. PK Kitchens

    VIC - 35/11.5/16 simex ET2

    35/11.5/16 Simex ET2. Set of 4 on patrol rims. These tyres are like new still I've only taken them out 3 times since buying them new. They still have the rubber fury bits on them. They would, have driven less then 150km on rd and maybe 150km off road. Pick up from either Bayswater...
  9. PK Kitchens

    Navrun Events

    Does anyone else on 4x4 earth do the NAVRUN events with rudi? Navrun - The Ultimate 4WD Challenge Surly there has gotta be a few other ppl. If you do, which events do you go in? PK
  10. PK Kitchens

    Second air beadlocks.

    Hey just trying to get ppls thoughts on second air beadlocks. Good-bad. Any issues. Stuff like that. Thanks. 16x8 rims. With 315/75/16 KM2s. PK
  11. PK Kitchens

    Toolangi 29/06/13

    Hey guys, I'm not the best at writing trip reports so I'm sure ppl will jump in down below to add a few bits and bobs. We all started the day at glenburn servo at 9am. To everyone's credit everyone was early or just on time. After the meet and greets we had a quick meeting to sort...
  12. PK Kitchens

    Toolangi Saturday 29th June.

    Hey everyone. This weekend coming ( 29th June ). We are doing a HARD trip to toolangi. Must bring your own recovery gear Highly recommend that you have: Lift. Winch Lockers At least muddys. A winch B I T C H And a willingness to get muddy :). Meeting at glenburn servo at...
  13. PK Kitchens

    Tow bar for leaf sprung ute GU

    As the tital says. I'm looking for a tow bar to suit a leaf sprung GU patrol. I'm in melb. So anywhere in Vic almost ill travel to collect. PK
  14. PK Kitchens

    Old man emu leafs.

    I bought some new old man emu heavy duty leafs. When I picked them up they guy said there's an A and B set. A for drivers side B for passanger side. When I got home I looked at them and there was only a + and 0 on them. With an arrow pointing. I called the place up where I got them...
  15. PK Kitchens

    Changing leaf packs

    Hey all. I've got a new set of old man emu heavy duty leafs to go in the ute. I've never changed leafs before. Plenty of coils though. Is there anything I should watch out for. Eg danger spots. It looks fairly straight forward but you never know with these things. PK
  16. PK Kitchens

    1 spare 35" 16" rim mud tyre.

    Hey just looking for a spare tyre for my 35 simex's. It don't have to be a simex it just needs to be the same size to get me out of the shit if something goes wrong. Doesn't matter what width it is, 10- 10.5. 11. 11.5. 12 as long as its a 16" rim, With or without rim is fine. In...
  17. PK Kitchens

    High country huts tour over Christmas

    Just getting exsprestions of interest at the moment, I was ganna run 2 trips over Christmas some time. Dates still to be determined, I'm thinking maybe those few days between Christmas and new years. Maybe. It's very much open to movement. 1st one being a nice EASY run just visiting...
  18. PK Kitchens

    Newby / novice run out at toolangi

    Hey ppl. There seems to be lots of hard trips out and as much fun as they are for the setup trucks like my one or many others on the forum here, there are just as many with standard hight and no terrains for boots. So I figured it would be a good idea to have a beginner /novice day out...