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  1. dangermouse

    12 volt oven

    Yeah for many years we've been using a tin oven tray from Colesworth it fits perfectly in the Buddy. Most trips we go on I'll whack a piece of pork neck in an oven bag add some stock/BBQ sauce/maybe a rub, put her on 100d and cook while on route to camp 6hrs or so is good. First nights dinner...
  2. dangermouse

    My "Blanc Australia rear fold camper

    hiluxdriver, glad you got it sorted out mate, could have broken worse and had to be abandoned. Budget constraints affect us all eh...I've been trying to sell a top quality custom built h/duty offroad box trailer, RTT/awnings/etc etc built for camping/trail biking etc, and yes I am completely...
  3. dangermouse

    GVM upgrade uncertainty

    Cheers, yeah its a real balancing act to remain legal ,also as you pointed out,[ mind you it doesn't seem to bother a lot of people as I'm sure you have also seen the amount of mid sized utes/wagons towing massive dual axle vans and loaded up to the gunnels with the arse dragging on the...
  4. dangermouse

    GVM upgrade uncertainty

    Thanks MML, yeah I know what your saying 350KGS+bags is rough enough with no load I reckon 600KGS would be shocking. We currently tow a double axle offroad trailer,probably 1.6T ish with camping gear and a couple of kids trail bikes on the ute ,bout 30-40 PSI in the bags ute sits level and...
  5. dangermouse

    GVM upgrade uncertainty

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2017 Hilux dualcab with intent to run a lift off camper in future. When discussing suspension options with ARB, of the larger GVM upgrade they offer, which requires 600KG constant load springs, in their opinion in regard to a lift off scenario insurance may be...
  6. dangermouse


    As title says ,also has rooftop tent/side awnings/285 MUDS/trail bike rack etc/etc/etc.Too much too list. Modular, can be used as trade/camping/general use. Asking $4500,[cost over twice this to build in 2014].Forced sale due to finances. NOTE:We had this trailer built proper h/duty ,yes I am...
  7. dangermouse

    2nd Annual NSW Gathering - Turon River

    Yeah thanks all, Bai and I had a great wk end we both enjoyed the Airlie trip and a good crowd as usual.Cheers Craig.
  8. dangermouse

    2ND ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

    Yeah we are 3T plus and twin locked so not much of an issue just thinking of smaller trucks. Yes I remember the drowning last year and Id seen one the year before in the exact same spot.knobs.
  9. dangermouse

    2ND ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

    Yeah forecasting a bit of rain, I have been there on a couple of wet occasions when access to camp was not do-able with people camped at the bottom of the hill ,not sure how much rain it takes to make the river impassable.
  10. dangermouse

    2ND ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

    Hi all, Bailey and I couldn't make the last clean up wk end so are keen for the gathering most likely Fri night arrival. But will have to confirm prior. Cheers Craig . DM .
  11. dangermouse

    Wang's getaway - September 16th-18th

    Hi all, sorry to say Bailey and I picked up a wog this week and have been crook as, was hoping to shake it but we are both still less than average. So have a good camp and we'll see you on the next. Cheers Craig and Bai.
  12. dangermouse

    Hamish, I am upgrading my off road trailer from 6 stud to 5 stud to match my Cruiser therefore I...

    Hamish, I am upgrading my off road trailer from 6 stud to 5 stud to match my Cruiser therefore I will have 3x 285/70/16 Fed Couragias on black steel rims still with plenty of tread on them, thought you may be interested if so PM me or give me a call.0414 940 941.was thinking $150 ea.otherwise...
  13. dangermouse

    Wang's getaway - September 16th-18th

    Awesomeness....Bailey and I will make plans to join this trip.cheers.
  14. dangermouse

    Turon National Park Working Bee

    Hi all bailey here had a great weekend thanks, a couple of clips from the trip.
  15. dangermouse

    Turon River Working Bee (camping) 5-7 August

    Yep planning to leave Shitney by 4pm Fri hope to be passing Capertee no later than 8PM, anyone needing guide down to camp happy to help. PM me or post here and I can grab u at the pub if need be. Otherwise see you there.
  16. dangermouse

    Turon River Working Bee (camping) 5-7 August

    The young bloke and I will be coming into Woolshed eta 8-9 PM Fri ,looking like the river will be up now after current rain. Any update from the Ranger ?.
  17. dangermouse

    One for the Maxtrax owners

    Those repair lugs look tops. I have some damage to mine but they have copped an absolute beating,yes we have lockers/12500lb winch and all the recovery gear in the world and still the good old MAXTRAX have made an easy or difficult recovery much better on countless situations. I would highly...
  18. dangermouse

    New Stickers "Take it in Take it Out"

    Yes Thanks Richardl, I did receive a sticker from you at the annual gathering and as soon as my truck is out of the panel shop it will be going straight on. Also interested in getting some of the other slogans to whack on. Cheers.
  19. dangermouse

    Turon River Working Bee (camping) 5-7 August

    Hey Todd, the young bloke and I had a good time at the 1st annual gathering and couldn't make the last working bee so we are keen. The truck should be out of the panel shop by then and I'll be flat out refitting racks/awning/fridge etc. We have all of the listed tools so will bring what we can...