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  1. Big Matt

    35 X 11.5 X 16 Silverstone Xtremes - Vic

    Item Detail - 4 only 35 X 11.5 X 16 Silverstone Xtremes Condition - Brand new, never been on rims, let alone a car Price -$1200 Location - Warby / Bayswater / Pakenham (depends what you want to pick them up from Contact Details - 0417 135 125 Postage Details - Pick up
  2. Big Matt

    R.I.P Jim Stynes

    *Quote* Jim Stynes died on Tuesay the 20th of March at 8.20am. Jim was pain-free, dignified and peaceful. Matisse and Tiernan were present. Not surprisingly, in his last week of life Jim continued to defy the odds and lived his life to the fullest attending the Melbourne vs. Hawthorn football...
  3. Big Matt

    What defines an Easy / Newbie trip

    Ok everyone, im not trying to start a fight or anything here, im interested in hearing what people would consider an easy trip or a newbie trip, and what difference there is between the two, because i have to tell you im struggling to pick a difference at the moment. How would you select the...
  4. Big Matt

    Shower tents

    Hey guys ive been looking for some decent size shower tents, the little quick set up ones are to small. Does anyone know of anything a bit bigger Cheers
  5. Big Matt

    Roof Top Tent ...... Malaysian rain forest challenge style

    Add some decent midge proof mesh and ya got a sweet roof toper here Just the thing to keep ya away from the nasties LOL
  6. Big Matt

    New Posts options

    Is there a way to stop the New Member Introductions threads showing in the new posts ? 3 pages of spam welcoming is getting old every night
  7. Big Matt

    Vic - Toyota Genuine Prado 150 Series Rubber Floor Mats Front Suits All Auto

    TOYOTA GENUINE PRADO 150 SERIES RUBBER FLOOR MATS FRONT SUITS ALL AUTOMATIC VERSIONS Condition - Basically new, no marks Price - $50 ono Location - Bayswater Contact Details - PM me for details Postage Details - Pick up only unless organized with me Pictures - Will post soon
  8. Big Matt

    Vic -33 x 10.5 Xtremes on 16 x 8 Black Gecko rims

    Ok guys, 5 off 33 x 10.5 Xtremes on 16 x 8 Black Gecko rims are going up for sale They are in good condition, have only done a few trips (and not many miles on road in between). Most of you have seen them on trips, but ill post pics later if anyone wants to see them They can be picked up...
  9. Big Matt

    Snow trip areas in Victoria

    Ok guys, getting prepared for winter and looking to do some snow trips Where are the best areas to get into, i know a bunch get gated, so was wondering whats open Also does craigs hut get much snow, and is it accessible (does it get cut off by track closures) ? Cheers
  10. Big Matt

    Late Notice Warby Trip

    Going for a bit of a drive on Sunday in Warby, nothing hard prolly a medium drive at most 4 Spots open, who wants in ?
  11. Big Matt

    Webber or Rebuild Nikki

    Just after some input Im looking to replace the Nikki carb on the GQ with a Webber carb of an XF From all the digging ive done, most of the feed back is positive with power gains and fuel use dropping a significant amount. Given the cost of a carb rebuild on a Nikki, and the cost of a...
  12. Big Matt

    HR front end

    Looking a HR front end anyone know of any or have one they want to part with ? Cheers
  13. Big Matt

    Trailblaza Fridges

    Hey guys and gals, im looking around at fridges for the 4b and camper and have been having a good look at the Trailblaza fridges Does anyone have one or know anyone who has one ? Any feed back at all would be sweet Cheers
  14. Big Matt

    Hilux SR5 V's Navara ST-X

    Ok guys i need some input Were looking at getting a couple of new work cars, and so far we have got it down to 2 contenders. We already have a favorite, but im after some input on other peoples thoughts and experiences. Price isn't really an issue for what were doing, were more after good...
  15. Big Matt

    New year trip

    Howdy all I'm heading to Ceduna via Peterborough just after new year, then spending a few weeks doing the coast all the way back around to Pt Augusta. So I'm looking for some local knowledge on what to go see, some stuff that dint on the usual tourist maps etc. We will be camping, not hotels...
  16. Big Matt

    Bogged ..... Lets see the pics

    Bogged ..... Lets see ya favorites Heres one to start with
  17. Big Matt

    Testing The Tonkadore Trip :d

    Well as it says, Jacks new toy need a test run, so out we went Sunday morning Met up with Jack and Mick at Warby and headed out in the wet Not much to tell other than the ongoing "how do i get this thing in 4wd" LOL Finally sorted, and the Tonkadore is looking like a good bit of gear :-)...
  18. Big Matt

    Best Photo Op Spots you have come across

    Just wondering where the best photo op spots you have come across while on the tracks ? Im more looking for Victorian stuff, but feel free to post up any, i might get to them one day LOL A few that i really like were Blue Rag (big surprise), Mnt Murry was great (and you can camp there if...
  19. Big Matt

    Navman ezy40 Question

    I just got the misses a Navman ezy40 GPS for her B'day. It wasnt purchased for of road, its for her general commute. Having said that, when i looked at it it actually has a few tracks on it (Rocky , Vic Range Trk, Aeroplane, Woodmores etc all in toolangi) Now their obviously not topo maps, but i...
  20. Big Matt

    Jerry Cans

    Howdy all, im looking at getting some Jerry Cans before a trip were doing in January, and i was after some input on Plastic V's Steel They will be used for Petrol (if it makes any difference) and will be carried on a roof rack or something, not in the vehicle. Any thoughts or experiences...