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  1. shaun0

    Volvo trialling new fuel cells with Hydrogen powered trucks

    Twiggy Forest said he has one his Iron Ore ships setup to run on Ammonia or something like that anyway
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    The Canning reopens

    Funny thing is those 4wd trucks doing itas mentioned above (Hino I think) have a wider wheel track I assume so they will stuff up the dunes for the normal 4wds haha
  3. shaun0

    The Canning reopens

    Hes doing it in both. His mate is driving the Range Rover and hes driving the new Troopy plus a couple of other cars.
  4. shaun0

    Lithium battery dilemma

    Ive discharged mine totally flat a few times. Not on purpose! But seems to not be affected and still ok after almost 4 years I think it is now. Its in the engine bay as well and at the time alot of people saying they shouldnt be in the engine bay but this one hasn't had any issues.
  5. shaun0

    Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

    Had to do the same with my Lithium when i have run it flat a few times! Redarc 1240D wouldnt detect it so jumper leads it was to get it going. Its still going strong now coming up to 4 years continuous use.
  6. shaun0

    Camp Table

    That Lifetime table is on sale at Anaconda for $39 now.
  7. shaun0

    Perth workshop recommendations

    Yeah thanks. Ive never used dealers for any cars lol. I got plenty of time to work it out. I need to get new tyres and full service as soon as I get back. The tyre situation is pretty dire at the moment. Ive been using Goodyear MTR but none in the country so im probably going to get BFG but even...
  8. shaun0

    Perth workshop recommendations

    Gday havnt been on here for a while. My Landcruiser is parked at Perth Airport and ill need to get a full service done on it when i get back probably in July some time before a mate and myself drive North towards Darwin! Dont know any workshops in Perth so just wondering if any one knows one I...
  9. shaun0

    Using Bunnings Blow Torch Propane Bottles for Cooker

    Ive only used those MAPP ones to light charcoal BBQs they work great!
  10. shaun0

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    Exploring the SW Western Australia between Albany and Esperance last week or so now its been bloody busy as every man and his dog is down here. Perth is empty apparently. Awesome coastline as im from the Eastern States so my first time in this area.
  11. shaun0

    Anything to see from Cairns to Normanton?

    Can tell you one thing. As i drove to Mt Suprise a few weeks back on the drive back down South and the Lava tubes are closed! Something to do with Covid and renovations or something. At Mt Suprise the suprise was a Kangeroo side swiping my rear right side door!
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    Wee Jasper to Blue Waterholes help please

    Yeah it is.
  13. shaun0

    Wee Jasper to Blue Waterholes help please

    Yep its open I went that way end of January.
  14. shaun0

    Political correctness just going crazy.

    Its a sickness. Can see it throughout history to if you look in the middle ages they had a mad dancing craze that took on. Its a form of collective psychosis which social media has made far worse.
  15. shaun0

    Hema Explorer App android issues

    I saw on facebook they said they were testing that and should be available soon
  16. shaun0

    Camping advise on the Upper Murray River.

    Im sure Chairman Dan will keep them closed for years by the looks of it.
  17. shaun0

    Lithium dual battery issue

    Ive got dedicated 240v lithium charger but also when i didnt have any choice jumper leads off the starter straight to the lithium did the trick until the redarc could start charging it. Doesnt seem to have effected it.
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    Show us your meat - The BBQ thread

    Medium rare or Medium for me
  19. shaun0

    Camp Knife Recommendations

    Mine is D2 tool steel keeps an edge for ages
  20. shaun0

    Cairns workshop recommendations

    Handled awesome on the road back from Weipa the other day just need to replace some bushes but i figured I may as well do every bush while im at it. Anyway wont be till December some time now cars in storage. Had to fly out today.