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    Are we there yet ?

    Are we there yet ?
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    Huh ? what the ?

    Huh ? what the ?
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    Exhaust restrictors.

    Thanks for that :)
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    Exhaust restrictors.

    Have heard taking out the exhaust restrictors in a 3.3 ltr Jackaroo will give more power and better fuel economy. Any one here know if that's true or not ?
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    Track report on some tracks nth of Bainnsdale

    Gday Wayne and hello to to you as well Fuzzy chops. I hope thing are going well with the both of you ?
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    Best tasting fish In your opinion

    Flat head tails in beer batter for me.
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    Bullumwaal gold mining exhibition day 2014.

    When March long weekend. Venue Bullumwaal hall Bullumwaal. What to expect. Learn techniques and types of tools used by the experts to recover gold and gemstones. Displays of local gold and gemstones. Displays of gold and gemstone recovery equipment. Displays of interesting mining and...
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    Why do you drive a 4wd?

    Yeah had my vn in a few place's it wasn't ment to be as well.
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    Why do you drive a 4wd?

    Prospecting that's why I got mine. Was unable to get my vn into a few place's. it had to go. Got my 4wd and have never looked back :)
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Rubbish. Once again im a bit p&&sed off about people leaving rubbish in the bush. I cleaned up and took home a bag and a half of garbage today. Was'nt happy at all, I can think of better things to do when out bush. :mad:
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    YouTube starting to really piss me off

    I haven't had the speech boxws yet. But the adverts have been bugging me as well.:mad:
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    Happy Birthday Swaggie!

    Happy birthday Wayne.
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    Hi from Melbourne! (a girl…)

    Gday and welcome to the site :)
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    Trout Season

    Have been out a little bit here and there. But not much to talk about. Have found a few new fishing holes I would like to try out.:D
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    Oilfield Dodge

    Yep they don't build them like thay use't to.
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    What brand of tyres do you recommend?

    Have a set of Silverstone A/t 117's myself.
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    Trout Season

    Well the only 2 place's I know of to get a big cray from. Is either near Longwarry north or Traralgon.
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    Trout Season

    Nope Briag has never done much for me fishing wise. I tend to spend most of my time in the hills.
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    Trout Season

    I can think of a few different place's.
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    Trout Season

    Well your going to find a nugget or 2 there.