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  1. Gunna

    Time to sell the Emu nest

    We are upgrading to a caravan so it's time to part with our camper trailer, those that know us and have seen this will testify how good this is. The camper is a 2011 Van Cruiser Silver Bullit custom made in their Carrum downs factory, we have owned this since new, and have had some fantastic...
  2. Gunna

    Fire affected Huts along Donnelly creek track

    Victorian High Country Huts association have just posted what remains of some of the huts burnt in the recent fire in the Donnelly creek area its sad to see these in total ruin hope they see fit to rebuild them in the future
  3. Gunna

    Huggett's crossing upgrades

    For anyone heading up to Huggett's crossing from the 10th of December through to the 15th of December, you can expect delays and some inconvenience while the camp ground and tracks are upgraded. I'll be heading up shortly to check it out, hope they get it right and get it back to the way it...
  4. Gunna

    Dubious forum member

    I know most of us new there was something fishy about Frosty now I have the proof:eek::eek::eek: This man should never be trusted:D:D:D
  5. Gunna

    Collapsible Cupboards

    While packing for Talbotville today, I came across a couple of DMH FO 76 collapsible cupboards amongst the camping gear, that I bought a couple of years ago for the old camper. Well we sold the camper last year and updated so these are no longer needed, we never actually used these so are a...
  6. Gunna

    Are you looking for a camper?

    Found this site while surfing thought it would be handy on here. Browse Campertrailers for Sale - New RV Search Australia
  7. Gunna

    UHF CB USE from 2011

    Found this while looking for info on the new reg's for CB use thought it was worth posting here. UHF CB Australia - Upcoming Changes to UHF CB Radio
  8. Gunna

    Who's the best drunk driver on earth

    How about having a go at this, lets see who is the best driver on earth. Don't forget to post your score :eek::eek: Drunk Driver Game
  9. Gunna

    Power Sharp chain saw sharping system

    Just seen these advertised an TV, and I'm wondering if anyone has used these or have any thoughts on them PowerSharp sharpens chain on the saw, on the job, in seconds
  10. Gunna

    Frosty's holiday album

    So Frosty!! how long did you think you could hide this from us all :eek::eek:
  11. Gunna

    Amazing set of photos

    I found this on another forum, and thought I would share it here as well. A lot of these photo's are very graphic and very moving. Captured: A Look Back at the Vietnam War on the 35th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon – Plog Photo Blog
  12. Gunna

    Congratulations Grumpy and the nice Lady

    Congratulations!! to the Grumpy one, and the very nice Lady (Debbie) who travels with him, on the wonderful achievement of 25 years of marriage well done to you both.:):)
  13. Gunna

    New rules and regulations in VIC

    As of the 9 of November there as some important road rule changes in Vic. The main rule that would concern most of us would be visual display units including GPS Check out the link for more info -: "New rules, safer roads"
  14. Gunna

    Neaver ending story...... October.... Three words per post

    Never ending story...... October.... Three words per post After the dust
  15. Gunna

    Never ending Story...... August..3 words per post

    The time was......
  16. Gunna

    Look out for Grumpy

    Look out one and all,:eek: I've just noticed that the Grumpy one has joined the darkside and become one of them (moderator) whats the world coming to. :eek::eek:
  17. Gunna

    How Not To Do A Recovery

    Had this emailed to me thought it may get a few comments here:eek::eek: How "NOT" to pull a truck out of the mud (THE FULL- Video
  18. Gunna

    Toyota 80 series 1995

    Toyota 80 series, 1995 Good Points Everything's Toyota, roomy and does what I want it to do On Gas Bad Points None as yet What mods have you done? Goodyear Wrangler MTR 285x75x16s off road Bridgestone dueler A/Ts 265x75x16 on road 2inch lift uniden uhf 27 mhz ssb cb Alloy Bullbar...
  19. Gunna

    Toyota Tuff

    Found this on You tube they don't get much tougher than this:eek::eek::eek: YouTube - Toyota Hilux Commercial
  20. Gunna

    Grumpy Gone Mad

    :eek: I found this on Google video I reckon I know why he's called Grumpy now :eek: :eek: 4x4 fun in a trooper