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  1. Outrage

    The future of four wheel dri...walking

    Something to tackle the interesting tracks.
  2. Outrage

    Mansfield to Walhalla Nov 2017

    Allanmac organised a trip beginning with the meeting point at Mansfield on Wednesday 8th Nov with plan to come out at Walhalla on the Saturday. Eight vehicles attended including Al (pajero), DiscoMatt (discovery), me-Outrage (patrol), Neil (patrol), Garry with partner Julie (cruiser), Paul...
  3. Outrage

    M5 0.5mm pitch bolt replacement

    Trying to replace a small adjusting screw with a longer version (existing screw length is 15mm, after 25mm) and in a hex head bolt or allen key head fitting. Local bolt shops don't have anything with a metric 'fine' thread, theirs only go to 0.8mm in an M5 size. Any suggestions out there?
  4. Outrage

    Fuel sender wiring connection (GU 4.5 petrol)

    Hi, replaced the fuel pump as it's been playing up for a while now. In the process the negative wiring at the top of the sender broke flush with the plastic cap. (I attempted a solder job but that's been unsuccessful). Anyone know the dis-assembly of the cap? It looks like a pop rivet from...
  5. Outrage

    Ensay to Ada River 2012-2013

    Day 1 Thursday Ended up just a day to meet up and make camp not far out of Ensay along Watts Creek Rd after some lunch and some drinks at Ensay, camp site was rather basic but good company. And some wood was already laying around for a camp fire. On the way we spotted a truck on it's side when...
  6. Outrage

    Outrage's favourite photo's

    Hey guys, just sharing some of my favourite photo's from trips I have been on. Near O'Tooles Strathbogies Deddick Trail McKillops Bridge Bunyip Neerim Near Talbotville Kosciuzsko More to come later :) enjoy
  7. Outrage

    Blast from the past pics

    Hey guys, trying a new post topic, see if it takes off or not. The G60 post not long ago inspired me. Put up any old photo's you have of old 4wd trip photo's lying around in cupboards, etc. Couple from dad's collection. Very Steep hill (sorry don't know where it is :D) Mt Terrible
  8. Outrage

    GU 3D model

    Some pictures of what I've been doing in the program SolidWorks during slow periods at work. And a 4by that the people on the trip never saw, but was there going by the photo :D Started off designing some rock sliders (as seen in the DIY thread), turned into making a model of the...
  9. Outrage

    Talbotville to Mt Pinnibar + Kosciuszko

    For me trip started at Talbotville xmas arvo with the base camping group. Played around on the tracks for a few days until wednesday arvo when John (Cruising62), Anthony (Atowen) & Liz, Mark (Mutley Hee Hee) and Aaron arrived. Just happened when I headed into Dargo for fuel they were also there...
  10. Outrage

    Slider and Rear bar models (GU Patrol)

    Had a bit of spare time at work, so been mucking around with SolidWorks and an FEA program designing some sliders and a rear bar. No idea if I will go ahead and build them or get them fabricated, know it will be quite involved to do so, but figured I'd post them up for kicks anyway. The rear...
  11. Outrage

    My Nissan wobble is gone!

    Finally lost the nissan wobble, replaced the bearings, passenger side was buggered. Got a home made tool to tighten the new bearings rather than the crude drift and hammer approach. Wobble at 80 km/h is gone, almost anyway, very slight vibration but hardly noticeable. See what a week of...
  12. Outrage

    Need aftermarket suspension for touring to Uluru/Darwin/WA coast?

    Hi, my boss has just bought himself a GU patrol, the suspension/shocks are factory, they haven't done much work, vehicles done about 140,000k's and the previous owner had aftermarket ones, so the factory ones which are back on are quite new. 1. Question is what are the track conditions like...
  13. Outrage

    Patrol v Navara stud pattern?

    Ahoy hoy, is the stud pattern of a Patrol to a Navara the same? Might be able to get a cheapish 33in wheels/tyre combo if so :) Cheers
  14. Outrage

    Increasing 'last post' amount on forum page

    Just a suggestion, may or may not be worth while. With the forum main page, where it has 'last post', perhaps increase it to last 3 posts/threads. Would imagine a lot of people just skim over the main page to see what is the latest, yet issues like in 4x4 tech talk, you get a couple new...
  15. Outrage

    AVM hub price?

    Guess Nissan auto hubs are dieing!!! Engaging while not in 4wd... Just seeing what I'm up for, anyone got a general price on what the AVM manual hubs cost? Cheers
  16. Outrage

    Cooper STT's, any thoughts + similar tyres on 33's

    Hey, brothers looking at tyres on his new 4wd ( 1984 2H 60 series cruiser). Tyres on it are Cooper STT 33's (that's the cooper mud tyre), 3 of them are very worn but one is quite new (must have been the spare for the previous owner). Situation is he buys 3 new STT's to get a set of 4 good...
  17. Outrage

    GU, heavy shudder through front end on tight corners, anyone know a cause?

    Hi, got a 2000 GU patrol. On tight corners i get a decent shudder through the steering wheel, in 2H usually needs to be close to full lock/slight incline and a bit of throttle. 4H/L happens even on flat surface, still near full lock but much easier to get the shudder to happen. When it first...
  18. Outrage

    Patrol, fuel leak from vapour line out of carbon canister?

    Hi, been having a problem with petrol coming out of a line that just ends inside the chassis. Traced it back to the bottom of the carbon canister. This happens when I drive on either gas or petrol. Vehicle is a 2000 Gu Nissan patrol, the TB45 engine. Taken it into a mechanics (my usual one...
  19. Outrage

    Ahoy hoy

    Hey all, Matt here. Been on a trip to bunyip/neerim with some of the guys here, thanks to a friends invite. Had a ball and look forward to more trips. Dad used to do a lot of 4wding when he was younger (used to be in a Hafflinger club with a Suzuki if i remember right), got myself a GU patrol...