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  1. mattyj

    GQ standard springs and LN130 Shocks

    Hello all does anyone have a set of rear GQ standard height springs and a set of LN130 rear shocks looking for used parts in good condition for a project I'm in south west sydney and dont want to be spending to much money on these as they will be replaced asap thanks...
  2. mattyj

    Mitsubishi Pajero 1993

    Mitsubishi Pajero, 1993 Good Points cheap, reliable, capable Bad Points basic model What mods have you done? fitted a good motor aircon What mods are on the list to do? Suspension lift body lift 33" AT Tint etc etc etc Why did you buy this vehicle? cheap...
  3. mattyj

    day trips close to syd

    hey guys im looking to do some 4wding around blue mountains. looking at trails south of glenbrook to katoomba just looking at doing day trips maybe 1 nighters with a few friends. just want to see the sights, look outs, picnics, swimming, etc any ideas????
  4. mattyj

    standard springs and shocks needed

    hello all Im after either a set of rear shocks for a 92 pajero or rear standard springs out of a GQ and standard shocks from a surf/4runner thanks guys
  5. mattyj

    Mitsubishi Pajero 1992

    Mitsubishi Pajero, 1992 Good Points It's a 4wd, Bad Points It's smaller then what i wanted What mods have you done? 31/10.5/15 AT's UHF What mods are on the list to do? HID Combo lights Lift Led light bar Custom snorkel Rear mono sorage Why did you buy this...
  6. mattyj

    New 4x4 not new member

    Hey guys its been awhile (like a year) since i've been on here due to not having a 4wd, well i got another one last week and just have to show it off lol 1992 Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3000, 7 Seater ,4 wheel drive, manual with power steering, air conditioning, tow bar. it needs work but...
  7. mattyj

    Camping with your 4wd mag

    hey guys i got an extra copy of "camping with your 4wd #15" i would like to swap it for one of the following issues that i am missing #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, or 16 be quick as i am posting this up elsewhere if anyone has the mags i am missing and willing to part with...
  8. mattyj


    hey guys / gals i just had an idea, i know that's usually a bad thing but.... the way i see things we get our L's to learn how to drive, our P's to build confidence, then open. some go further to get truck, forklift etc so that we can operate these bigger heaver machines. if we need a...
  9. mattyj

    Australia Day 2011

    Hey guys I'm planing a 5 day trip starting on the 25th Jan and ending on the 29th Jan. I have planed to go up to Lithgow, zig-zag, Newnes area for this time. The trip will be a casual 5 days with lots of things to do and places to see. I have a run sheet if anyone is interested in...
  10. mattyj


    Hey guys my partner and I are new to 4wding and camping, we both did it when we were younger but havent in nearly 10 - 20 years. We decided on a different type of 4wd as we have 3 little kids and wanting more so we went for a HI-ACE import 8 seats pleanty of room for the hole family...