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  1. lostboys

    Why are National Parks `National Parks'?

    A silly question... We can find out why a World Heritage designation is allocated, but what about each of our National Parks? Travelling all over, I'd love to know if a list exists to tell us why each & everyone of our Aussie National Parks has been made a National Park. I assume each would...
  2. lostboys

    Any compact jack recommendations for a 78 Series ?

    Have just busted my standard Toyota bottle jack, 50km north of Broken Hill. Easy sealed road, & had just pulled off to check a Telstra signal. Anyway, VERY disappointed with the cast eyelet breaking off when trying to change a rear tyre - & if I hadn't a Hi Lift on-board, would have been...
  3. lostboys

    Series 78 Troopy - Anti Theft Steering lock

    Must admit having not given this a zot of thought in the past. However, have just had my passenger door lock almost pried off on Friday night... a bit of local damage, but nothing taken. A bit odd really, & will try & sort via my Ken Tame Insurance. Anyway, any thoughts on steering locks? Are...
  4. lostboys

    Coast Kirra Annexe-Awning Tent

    Anyone with any first-hand knowledge of these ANNEXE-AWNING TENT beasties? Although RV Express are selling on-line, their distributors don't seem to know of them & it seems impossible to see one assembled anywhere... ridiculous really. (Anyway, enough of the winging for now.)
  5. lostboys

    Moving OziExplorer & HEMA maps from PC to Laptop

    Hi all. Am currently completing planning for an extended trip on my PC (Google Chrome). For any on-the-road planning the intention is to use a Laptop with same system. Not too sure how I can copy all my planning from PC to Laptop. Any advice appreciated.
  6. lostboys

    Split Rims - Pro's & Cons

    Apologies if old ground is covered here. (Couldn't find any specific threads though.) & I guess it may be a question for Toyota drivers(?). Have purchased a Series 70 Troopy with split rims as standard, & Dunlop SP Road Gripper F's. Have read heaps, & am leaning towards replacing them for the...
  7. lostboys

    Greetings all

    Have been a member for a couple of years now, with no input I admit - lot's of water under the bridge - it's definitely time for another introduction (if there ever was one in the first place!) Anyway, shall be a little more active now, having sold my Pajero & having been away for a couple of...
  8. lostboys

    Information on Cape Arid, Thomas Fishery

    Greetings all, A Melbourne-based writer, I am seeking any photographs of the single grave & headstone @ the old Hill Springs homestead. It's been many years since I've visited the area, & even then did not see the gravesite. I'm most interested in the headstone, but am unsure weather it...