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  1. Croozer

    Crazy times!

    Hi all, I have been a bit quiet of late. After many years in the 4x4 industry. I have now moved across to the caravan and camping industry. I am now tech support for a company called RV Superstore in Ferntree Gully. Things don't change much. I will be at the Caravan and camping super show at...
  2. Croozer

    Talbotvile Gathering

    Hi everyone just home I will get a few of my pics up when I get a chance. Put all your stories and pics up here :)
  3. Croozer

    Croozer at TJM Dandenong

    Ok boys and girls! I have some awesome news for 4x4earth members! The discount will be crazy if you come and see me at work. I will be able to do trade price for our members! If your in the trade you know how much discount that is, its a fare wack! Come and see me anytime at 166 Princess Hwy...
  4. Croozer

    Brisbane 4x4 show

    Hey everyone I will be up for the Brisbane 4x4 show. I will be around the Wholesale Automatics stand a fair bit and wandering around catching up with everyone. Come and say hi
  5. Croozer

    GU Patrol Xrox bar for sale

    I have gone to a high mount bar so have a Xrox and a spare set of new side wings for sale. Will suit GU Patrol. For Earth people I will take $600 cash. They are also air bag compliant Cheers Croozer
  6. Croozer

    Strike in car phone gear!

    Hey everyone Was at the 4x4show and the company Strike is looking to get in to the 4x4 market. They have been with fleet companies and industry for a while. Its great gear! I think a couple on here use the stuff but not a lot at present. If we get a few that are keen we might be able to ask for...
  7. Croozer

    Vic Gathering Sponsors

    Hi all, We have some great supporters for the annual Vic gathering at O'Tooles in November. At the moment we are open to other sponsors to pitch in and showcase there products. I will be at Melbourne 4x4show in August and have a few meetings already set up to talk to some new sponsors...
  8. Croozer

    August National 4x4 show

    Hey guys I have been informed that the show will have trains running to the showgrounds Saturday and Sunday. Should make it easier if you want a great family day out. So come in and say giday it should be a great show this year ;)
  9. Croozer

    4x4 show on the weekend just past!

    Hi guys, Just asking around and wanting to know who went and what did you think of the show on the weekend was it busy and were there any bargains to be had?:cool::confused::confused:
  10. Croozer

    4wd Touring Aust.

    Hey guys Carlisle Rogers has a new show on channel 1 Watched it today. Very good show so far! He has built up a 79 series and is traveling from one side of Oz to the other over the next couple of months. He;s a photographer by trade and has some awesome shots and film work in these epps. 11am...
  11. Croozer

    Melbourne 4x4 Show

    Looks like the team will be at the again. Looking forward to seeing a few members and catching up with a few interstate vendors we see at other shows. Keep the dates free Friday 21st August to Sunday 23 August 2015 Melbourne Showgrounds :D See ya there! :)
  12. Croozer

    Croozer's new position.

    Hi all just to let everyone know. I now work for Hardman Bros. They are the company that own Marks 4WD Adapters. We specialize in a lot of gear like Portal axles, crawler gears, LS conversions, hydraulic brake boosters, auto conversions and heaps of other great and unique gear. Not many...
  13. Croozer

    Best uhf aerial

    OK so I'm updating my CB same unit but 80 channel as its time, my old one has played up a bit for a while. What are everyone's recommendations for the best all round aerial? I have RFI just around the corner from me here.
  14. Croozer


    Hey guys and girls! Next sunday come and say hello at Wandin 4x4 show around lunchtime and join us for a bite to eat :D
  15. Croozer

    Tyers again!

    I know this has gone round and round and round. But I need tires for my rig soon and I want to know what mud tires are the quietest on the road and what are the most reliable. Im still looking at 35's for the Patrol. Think about selling my extremes for the right price. :D They awsome play tires...
  16. Croozer

    Aussie Racer

    Hey guys! Something different! A few in my area have there care looked after and worked on by these guys at AUS4WThis is there shot at a TV show on FOX at the moment. Epp 1 is already on Utube. Epp 2 will be online at 8 tonight if you aren't rich enough to have Foxtel. Its not we do guys...
  17. Croozer

    Wandin show!

    Hey everyone the Wandin 4x4 show is coming up again on the 15th Feb Its probably the best old school show out there with a lot of trades and workshops and a lot of the big boys. There are always great deals at the show and its really down to earth. Come and see our crew and say gidday :D...
  18. Croozer

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone, I have a lot of the crew around Australia on Facebook. Trying to get our find a mechanic page up to the next level. So we need to share the hell out of the post to all your friends and let any great workshops you use to know about it and give me a call to get them on board. Its...
  19. Croozer

    Dargo Pub Charity auction!!!!!

    Hey anyone that is heading up Dargo this long weekend. There is a great event on and a chance to pick up some cool gear cheap for a great cause! ;) Trevor from MSA and Werribie 4x4 club are running it so drop in if your in the area! Should be great fun! Info as follows: Trevor Ryan...