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    Off road licence endorsements

    Hello peoples ; long time with not much interest :) I have to relearn the old forum way :( Just noticed the thread about beach rollovers in Qld so this...
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    between a rock and hard place.

    Hello, long time no chat--- been lost :lol: I have an old 2002 Kia manual Sportage that suits my needs even considering some limitations 4x4 to me is security. I use it to get me out of trouble (mostly outback sand) ; NOT into trouble when poking around the bush with the cameras . When I use...
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    No; cannot do that

    already posted
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    The Betoota Hotel to reopen
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    could be lots unhappy!

    SORRY ; there's another thread open on this subject so please post there Looks like time to upgrade to a proper 4x4 truck :eek...
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    CRAZY Ants!!

    north east nsw atm if you see them please report . Fire ants in qld is enough drama for people outdoors without these buggas getting about also . And these sound far worse than fire ants! Bloody bull ants are spooky enough for me :rolleyes...
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    12 volt oven

    Questions answered thanks any thoughts on 12 volt ovens -- yes no maybe -- what not to buy Stumpy (son) needs one for the truck -- amazing the stuff that need -- want lol -- these days!! this seems a middle of line and available locally --...
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    getting a bit silly

    getting that long they cannot be parked at the shopping centre --- yep; could have gone a little further in if the other idiot wasn't there I bet there are a few stories inside this set up -- modern fella though; solar panels cover the top of the van, and at the back something like a 30 year...
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    trouble on 12 wheels

    Trouble on 12 wheels is what I thought when some youngsters in 3 4x4s showed up at a salty lake yesterday evening as I was about to leave after taking the camera for a walk --- haven't done that for awhile Anyway, I headed off, never gave them another thought until I returned to the same area...
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    Things you see at maccas!!

    Now that's a truck :rolleyes: . Who would have a 4x4 when they can have a 6x6 lol My guess is they have been to tinnie racing at berrie sa. Has Qld plates
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    wet roads and tracks

    G'day; sort of been hiding lately And my facebook comment Before repairing there needs to be a few signs saying things like "dry weather road only" "road closed when wet" " road is not a test pad for your 4x4 mud tyres" "$1000 fine...
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    now that's a cool looking mean machine -- looks sooo much better without a BB imo. hard to believe it's a m/phone pic
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    corrugations Not sure about the compacting part --- I always thought it was done to slight drive wheel slip. Gravel roads are hard; but a loose surface so drive wheels slip. But I don't have THAT bit of important paper...
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    when fun becomes hard work #2

    Not sure what happened; have asked for 1st thread to be deleted I wonder when they started to think this fun idea is a really BAD idea :D I guess just another hint that more posts are about to be planted :(
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    rotating images

    rotating images --- very controversial to some so I do it a lot :rolleyes:; or at least rotate many files to see if there is something better; however I often decide to rotate when I photograph the subject as I did with this 'drunk tank stand' spotted beside the road --- I thought of the name...
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    haven't seen this for awhile

    about a week ago at Lake Cargellico; central nsw. New servo opening special --- I was thinking of punching a hole in the fuel tank so I could take real advantage of the price ; I only needed about 20 bucks worth :( SEE! I pays to have a petrol donk haha And next morning it was a little past cool...
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    great site for inspiration ---

    --- and to keep the head out of the clouds Those photos could be considered some of the better or the best photos going as each photo needs to be approved; and the bar is set rather high -- too high for me
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    sometimes the signs are true

    goes up to a lookout at a rather nice place of Bingara [nsw] on the Gwydir River -- I have seen to the height somewhere but ... (??) . Some stunning camping sites along that river although would be better when they release more irrigation water from the Copeton Dam south west of Inverell ...
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    whoops!! Washin' the cruiser

    Photo posted FB by peter forrest (australian trucking and history "Nice an clean when it was retrieved just like an acid bath" insurance paid Now if he drove a kia he would not feel 1/10 as bad
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    as they say --

    --- abuse it lose it have noticed a few new ones since the last rains I was going to post a few pics of serious 4x4/muddies damage but some here seem to get rather upset