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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    Be interesting to see how Consumer Law view their warranty blurb, I'll take a guess that they may perceive the warranty conditions as too severe and restrictive
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    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    He went to Russia, possibly via HK, then released the info is what i read
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    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    When was Edward Snowden ever in China?
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    GRAMPIANS - Burma Track

    My under standing is that all tracks are closed, as per above post!
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    Ford Ranger XLS 2014 3.2Ltr Diesel

    Should have added that one of the Patrols was a short wheel base After returning from our trips we would both have neck aches for days from the constant pitching of the vehicle. Should have worn a neck brace now i think of it It went every where but the best relief was a long wheel based Patrol...
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    Mansfield police again.

    Unfortunately most of these cars and acessories would be on Hire Purchase or such like, and if the Authorities crush the vehicles, they would hold little hope of getting their money back?
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    Ford Ranger XLS 2014 3.2Ltr Diesel

    As a Ranger owner, and an ex Patrol owner who used to go into the High Country a lot (slowed down by Covid), what do people mean a real four wheel drive park Does a real four wheel park mean doing the Rubicon? heaven help you on your day to day driving then! The Patrols are great, the Ranger...
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    Mansfield police again.

    AND!!!! your standing quarter time was????
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    Mansfield police again.

    Simple, bet he knew the regulations, he went out side of them, he will now paying the price Police only doing their job
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    What does the Colorbond fence look like with the oil on ito_O
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    Have a Provent catch can, upgraded to new filter/spacer which now evidently makes them compliant! Note that it still catches the oil but where there used to be + 50% water, it is no longer catching moisture I know water would evaporate out, but would prefer it never went in the first place Any...
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    Go to Safeways, buy a bag of cheap paper based spill waste material, approx $3.00 .Drain your catch can into a cut off plastic bottle, throw in a couple of hand fulls of waste material, wait to go hard and place in your rubbish bin You can do the same with waste paint in tins, once you add the...
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    Info on suspected death over the week end

    Had a phone call today about a suspected drowning of a 65 year old when attempting a river crossing in the High Country over the week end, asking for information Must admit i have heard nought, but know it was raining heavily there recently, and having crossed the Wonguarra when the water was...
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    Public Service Announcement. Dont buy Duracell Batteries.

    This confirms Boobooks theory re Duracell
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    President Trump

    "Prove to me that you are no fool Walk across my swimming pool" Quote, Jesus Christ Super Staro_O
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    Had to have a chuckle about an American tyre report, it had Coopers listed in the cheaper segment of the report
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    AAA Tyre report

    A comparison of around city tyre performance Note Cooper Tyres are listed at the cheap end of the market in the States :eek:
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    Advice - Robe to Beachport

    Not saying 8 lb is in correct, but have bad recollections of spinning the rims inside the tires at Robe whilst driving a Patrol at 10 lb!
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    News article

    There was a vid posted re this site but cannot find it to link to, but here is an article posted on the ABC web site May be the mods can move it?