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    Info on suspected death over the week end

    Had a phone call today about a suspected drowning of a 65 year old when attempting a river crossing in the High Country over the week end, asking for information Must admit i have heard nought, but know it was raining heavily there recently, and having crossed the Wonguarra when the water was...
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    AAA Tyre report

    A comparison of around city tyre performance Note Cooper Tyres are listed at the cheap end of the market in the States :eek:
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    News article

    There was a vid posted re this site but cannot find it to link to, but here is an article posted on the ABC web site May be the mods can move it?
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    Just saw this post There were 2 things i did not know to help with survival, in this case drink your urine (which is highly probable that i would) the other is bury your self in sand to...
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    I now know why discomatt loves Land Rover

    Well here it is, conclusive evidence why discomatt loves playing with his Land Rover :p
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    Another missing mystery

    A man missing since 18th of October on a pig shooting holiday in Southern Queensland
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    Body wipes

    Have just returned from State Parks and the the Border Track (sort of). 4 days with no water hence no shower etc Asked my wife if she could get me large baby wipes approx the size of a handkerchief or bigger for future trips The largest size she could find thru the local food chains were 19.5cm...
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    Snake bite remedy

    I know it is possibly a over hyped situation, but have attached an article to assist just in case it may happen to you! Always remember what my dad said to me when walking along tracks etc, Never jump...
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    Empty tank indicator

    FYI. Indicator clicked empty when entering the servo, filled up with 78.19 litres, if the tank is a true 80 litre tank that would mean there was 1.8 litres left, based on my consumption, 13.5 l /100, vehicle is used for work and i estimate it has a 300kg payload, then i would have only 13.3 km...
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    LED Globes, unusual problem

    Due to Covid, the Ranger has been sitting in the garage and only been doing short runs to the shops Inevitably the battery went flat Jump started with an my son's ARB power pack Had just installed a set of Stedi globes to the fog lights, after jump start noticed one globe had karked itself Stedi...
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    Tas Tracks

    Not good news
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    The beginning of the future

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    Cruiser 300

    Another take on the new 300
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    Are you overweight

    For those that have not seen this Reminds me on a recent trip, mate who had a Hilux blew two rear Coopers, he had a suspension upgrade (3ookg supposedly) but it was too light, the rear was riding on the rubber over riders and the tyres had no where to go Turned out with all his equipment, total...
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    Catch can warning

    If you have a Ryco Catch Can, you better watch this, if you have a Provan, i would be upgrading my filter combination
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    why i would never buy a Jeep

    This is why i would never own a Jeep, they are just plain lousy at going down hill
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    Letter to the Moderator

    Moderator Would like to post 12# (twelve) links as a Stickie for OziExplorer "how to" under it's own heading, it has been done by a member of the Idlers 4 Wheel Club The gentleman has done the 11# part series and has put a lot of effort and time into producing this series and i think should...
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    Get Lost Maps

    New versions