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    Watagan Forest

    Hey All, I'm looking to organize a weekend in the Watagans. Anybody got any good tracks for some intermediate fun, we're traveling in a Suzuki Grand Vitara, a Toyota FJ and an Amarok. any options will be appreciated ! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Dennis
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    JB / JT Suzuki Grand Vitara Recovery Points

    Hi All, As we are all aware finding proper rated Front Recovery Points for our JB /JT Grand Vitara's has been impossible. Well with a bit of luck the wait may be FINALLY over. I stumbled across this site while doing some research. For my Two Bob's worth this has gotta be worth a look...
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    Recovery Points

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 Grand Vitara 5 Door sport 4x4, purchased in November. Since purchase I have changed the supplied 18" rims and tyres to Sunraysia 16" fitted with 235/70/Cooper AT3's, put a 50mm Pedders lift Kit under it, and acquired from Suzuki Qld the Suzuki Bash Plates, ECB type 2...
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    Hello from Sydney

    Hi all, Names Dennis and I'm from Sydney new to the forum just thought I'd day hi! I own a 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara and looking to start doing some trekking around.