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  1. Aza013

    57L fridge/ freezer oztrail

    Anaconda have a big price cut on at the moment. oztrail singular zone fridge/freezer 57L going for $399
  2. Aza013

    XTM Dual air compressor recall

    If anyone has the XTM 150PSI 250LPM dual air compressor the ACCC has listed it as a recall. Defect is an internal fault with the control relays, may cause the compressor housing to melt or catch fire. Consumers should immediately return them to Supercheap and BCF for a full refund. Dates are...
  3. Aza013

    Maxtrax indeflate

    Gday everyone Just checking to see if anyone has tested these maxtrax indeflate units at all? I have seen them used by a number of YouTube ppl, but we all know they get kickbacks to talk things up. So if anyone has real world feed back on them that would be great. big thanks in advance.
  4. Aza013

    Need a place to go to get away from the city.

    Ok I have been looking around trying to pick a good get away location for next week, just can’t pick anything good. looking anywhere out side of Sydney national parks are out due to needing to book and pay for free camping :( . Looking for a place to tack the camper trailer out, 4WD area that...
  5. Aza013

    Companion Xero fridge/freezer 60L

    BCF haVe the Companion Xero fridge/freezer 60L at a club price of $699 normal price is $1199. Question I have is :- Has anyone got one of these or know of anyone with one? I’m interested in getting real feedback about them. Are they good, bad or should I just look at other brands? Any help...
  6. Aza013

    Tyre deflator

    g'day everyone. Just interested to see if anyone has used these tyre deflator units before? They sound ok, but I'm only new to the game so they could be shit lol Any info would be great thanks.
  7. Aza013

    Getting the Challenger ready for the tracks.

    Well it's all starting to get put together for the little challenger. So far I have got :- . Recovery strap kit . UHF . Recovery tracks . BF KO2's . Domin8r X winch and cradle ( picked up today to go on the back of the 4x) just need to run power from front to back. Things still to do. ...
  8. Aza013

    Yet another noobie.

    G'day everyone Firstly great forum, lots of good info to read. I'm Aza and I drive a 2012 Mitsubishi challenger. I have had it now for approx one year and am starting to set it up for the great off road adventures. At this point I have put on new KO2's, a temp orcome uhf (just to keep me...