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  1. smwhiskey

    Dead Battery?

    Hi All Just discovered that the fuse between the Redarc BDDC1220 DC-DC unit and the Aux battery fried itself (i.e. melted without blowing the fuse :-( ) and the Aux battery is currently reading 3(ish) volts. Does that necessarily mean that battery is now cactus and needs to be replaced...
  2. smwhiskey

    To go Camping or not to go camping?

    Hi all After 3 days of working from home, I'm seriously considering self-isolating somewhere out bush (possibly Landcruiser Mountain Park) for a few days. Any thoughts or advice about the sensibility of this? One might suggest that the desire to escape is only going to grow stronger the...
  3. smwhiskey

    CTEC MXS5.0 charging AGM.

    Possibly belongs in the stupid question section but I don't know the answer so I figure other may not either. How long can I leave a CTEK MXS5.0 battery charger charging up a 140aH AGM battery? Can I leave it permanently charging or should I turn it off when the battery is charged. Reason for...
  4. smwhiskey

    Solar Charging

    Hi seeking the wisdom of the masses.. In the back of my Pajero I've got 2 x 12v sockets that are directly wired to the Aux battery. Generally one is occupied by the plug for the Waeco but the other is unused during the day (powers the camp lights a night) So, is it feasible to use the other...
  5. smwhiskey


    Wisdom of the Crowd required I'm not a coffee snob by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee (or 2 or 3) around the campfire in the morning. Whats your preferred coffee brewing methodology? At the moment I'm restricted to Maconna Expresso instant coffee because the...
  6. smwhiskey

    Help - Measuring

    Hi All 4WD superstore has some flat racks for Prado 12/150s for $219. But I have a Pajero and I don't know if they will directly fit or whether I need to modify to fit Just wondering if people could measure the...