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  1. Hoyks

    Got me a new 4x4

    Picked up a nice little 4WD on Wednesday, its only a 1.3, not fast but its light and seems to go pretty well anywhere. Now I'm home and its daylight, I'll try and get some pictures. Any guesses what it is?
  2. Hoyks

    Brisbane 4x4 outdoors Show

    Anyone get into the show today, was it worth the effort? I bought tickets (pre paying was the only option anyway), with the plan of using the free public transport and catching the train in... but no trains due to track work. OK, I'll take the bus... 2.30 travel time, with everything going to...
  3. Hoyks

    Deepwater National Park

    New rubber and the camper is on... the possibilities are infinite:cool: (although will remain within strictly defined parameters). With half the state very soggy and the other half just too far away, I decided to try and beat the stampeding southerners and go to the relatively well drained...
  4. Hoyks

    Calling all old Toyota owners

    Toyota is looking at doing a new production run on parts for old Toyotas and are after input for what bits you want. Link to the tell us what you want form:
  5. Hoyks

    Roof racks... again

    That escalated a bit. I'm guessing that Rhino PR Department are going to have some work to do.
  6. Hoyks

    How's this for a defence?

    This guy :rolleyes: ... Yeah, I was speeding, but its not my fault. Personally, I blame the education system. “It’s the vibe of it. It’s the Constitution. It’s Mabo. It’s justice. It’s...
  7. Hoyks

    What do you know about boats?

    I've been mucking around on the water for a while now, but never had much to do do with tinnies. Most of my time has been spent in sailing dinghies, catamarans and kayaks. I used a few tinnies over the years too, borrowed a coupe, but never owned one and only gone in flat water. What I'm...
  8. Hoyks

    MAXTRAX Trailer Skid

    What do you reckon? At $200, is it a vital recovery tool, or a solution looking for a problem? I don't know If I'd be that keen on skidding the jocky wheel along, chances of bending or shearing a bolt and burying the lot in the sand are high. Then...
  9. Hoyks

    Caves to Caves 25-27th October19

    For about 20 years now I've been wanting to do the Wombeyan to Jenolan Caves trip, but something has always come up. For the past 2 1/2 years I've been working in Newcastle, but again, its always been a I'll do it next month type thing, then it got cold or I had to go away for work, or my fridge...
  10. Hoyks

    PX Ranger/BT50 diff lock that doesn't.... but does again now.

    Late last year I did a trip with some of the Earthers and during the trip I tried to use the rear locker, only to have not much luck. It had worked and got me out of holes in the past, but this time I didn't get the desired result and slid further into a rut. A bit more air out of the tyres and...
  11. Hoyks

    Stockton Beach Access Price Rise

    Just a heads up, the price for a beach access pass to Stockton is going up on the first of January, so if you go to the beach and live around Newcastle or want to drive the dunes and know someone that lives around Newcastle, get in before the new year. Right now a annual permit is around $30 and...
  12. Hoyks

    37 - Rally Driving with Bruce Garland

    Hey James, thanks for putting this one together. You got some good insights and stories out of Bruce, but I reckon you just scratched the surface. 5 stars;)
  13. Hoyks

    Portable Compressor Mods

    I've got a portable compressor that has been kicking around the car/shed for about 4 years now. Last time I gave it a run it wasn't working as well as it should, so today I stripped it down to see what was wrong. Its a good sized one and if sat on the bench next to a lot of much more expensive...
  14. Hoyks

    NSW Camp Fire Ban in State Forests

    Just FYI for those in NSW, only a $2200 fine if you want one still. Solid fuel fires banned in State forests 08 Sep 2017 - Elizabeth Fowler Campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuels will be banned in most State forests until further notice to reduce the risk of bushfires...