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  1. monbeg

    Thuraya Sat phone quick test

    Good review. I've had one for over 5 years now and its been excellent. Just go to the menu and let the phone find its GPS position so that it knows where it is in relation to the satellite. It does pick up a lot of noise if its windy making it difficult for the person on the other side to...
  2. monbeg

    Campervan with family of 4 may be stranded for 2 weeks after getting bogged.

    I was up that way and camped on a private property during that weather. Apart from the weather reports via BOM etc it was blatantly obvious that there was severe weather on the way. The forecast I was given said 20 to 60mm of rain, thunderstorms with hail and winds upt to 90 km/hr. In my...
  3. monbeg

    New BT50 XTR 4X4 cab chassis

    I've got an XTR and the suspension is fairly solid so I reckon just try it out before doing anything new.
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    How long should you leave a chicken in the freezer ? . . . . . . I put one in there last night and it was dead this morning !!
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    Two women were sitting quietly together, minding their own business.
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  7. monbeg

    Border passes becoming harder to get.

    In July on the way West from Darwin mine got rejected because I put a Kununurra caravan park as the location. It has to be a fixed address so I put a friends address in Perth and it got approved !
  8. monbeg


    I decided to go to the local Mosque for the first time, to see what it was all about. I sat down and the Imam came up to me, laid his hands on my hand and said: "By the will of Allah the All Mighty, and the Prophet Muhammad, you will walk today". I told him I was not paralysed... I can...
  9. monbeg

    Have you been vaccinated yet?

    That's the ABC journos mandatory reading and reference guide.
  10. monbeg

    Have you been vaccinated yet?

    Just a bit of a follow up. Had a bit of a yak with the Doc while I was waiting for the nurse to give me the 15 minute ok to go home. Apparently if there are going to be temporary side effects they may start to show in 12 to 15 hours after the jab (I am coming up to 11 hours and just starting to...
  11. monbeg

    Have you been vaccinated yet?

    Just had mine a few hours ago, let's see how this goes.
  12. monbeg

    Gammon Ranges - Nepabunna / Iga Warta

    Always check for possible park closures on any areas you intend visiting on the site. Upcoming closure in the above mentioned area, roads will still be open though...
  13. monbeg

    Carplay Head unit

    I fitted a Kenwood DDX9019DABS to mine instead of paying for out of date map updates that were hopeless on the original unit. Best mod I have done, maps, messages and spotify etc. Just waiting for Memory Maps to go CarPlay now ;)
  14. monbeg

    New Hema 4x4 Explorer App

    Another factor that probably needs to be considered nowadays and doesn't seem to be getting mentioned is whether the mapping software is CarPlay compatible. I run a Kenwood DDX9019DABS unit and can run GAIA, Waze and Magic Earth on there from my phone. The GAIA has the ability to overlay state...
  15. monbeg

    Weight on Roof

    Worth reading... Roof Loading reality
  16. monbeg

    Pat Callinan now drives a VW Amarok
  17. monbeg

    Pat Callinan now drives a VW Amarok

    Maybe people don't like buying VW now that they are a Chinese owned entity ?
  18. monbeg

    Music, What do you enjoy-if any

    Try a bit from the little island - with volume ;) Tiki Taane - Tangaroa
  19. monbeg

    New Hema 4x4 Explorer App

    Already being discussed...twice