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    Why did Novac pay for his airfare to Australia by Mastercard? V V V V Because his Visa wouldn't work
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    Cv shafts

    Over the years on the hilux site many brands have been tried but genuine toyota have found to be the best by far but a repco one is good as emergency spare to carry as much cheaper.
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    Junk mail/scammers and QR codes

    I get 4 or 5 a day on my telstra work phone which has no QR stuff. My phone is with optus and had none.
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    i want to buy a 2010 to 2012 hilux manual

    The model changed a lot from October 2010 which I have. Most things were fixed over the old models. Mine has done 200,000km only had gearbox fixed under warranty. Clutch is still original only has issue taking off on hills with van on the back because of first gear being high ratio. When doing...
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    Check your injectors

    Toyota have done a cold test on my hilux twice. $80 on the first second they didnt even charge during a service. You get a 3 page report on just about everything including injectors showing min/max specs and actual. 190,000km and everything well in spec.
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    Earthquake centred near Mansfield

    Buildings rocked and evacuated in Newcastle as well
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    Supanova driving lights

    Been watching this thread. Ended up ordering LLA dl9. They appear same quality as Stedi and Supernov and have 2yr warranty. At the moment on sale 50% off. $318. From what I worked out they are more spot than spread which is ok for me as I have the sides already covered. I also noticed in the...
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    Battery Question

    Just make sure the terminals are around the right way and in correct layout. Last time I replaced mine the listing for some brands were wrong. Pain in the arse taking them back for the right one
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    2014 MUX

    Yep exact same with my neighbour 2 months ago. Head gasket went around no 4 piston. Happened tower his van up a very Long hill. Of course isuzu said never heard of it before. Ended up new engine covered as out of warranty claim.
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    No low beam

    Still sounds more like a relay issue. The 12v positive is good and should always be there, they switch negative
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    2008 Hilux Suspension

    Contact Ultimate Suspension @ Ingleburn Sydney. They will put a system together that you want and highly recommended if you do a search. Had mine 10 years still going strong
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    4H not working, 4L is.

    Probably easier if you google hilux ADD or look on As mentioned you will see the wires connected to it on the front diff. It's a known failure usually from water getting in. I think Toyota only sell them complete but some have been able to clean them up or fit a new motor...
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    4H not working, 4L is.

    Sorry the actuator is on the front diff. Follow the wires. O
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    4H not working, 4L is.

    Us sounds like the electronic actuator if it's an SR5. The SR didn't have one.
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    Can be done with 2 diodes and an extra wire to your ignition. But as mentioned parkers not much use during the day. Just by a set of fleebay drl with controller, there not hard if they come with instructions
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    Forster Tuncurry to Pt Macquarie the Backway

    Think they closed the road from Mungo near the ferry heading north years ago
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    Couple days charity work at Devils Ark. Spooky night sleeping in the swag amongst them.
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    Suspension for my Hilux

    Had ultimate on mine for 10 years and still going great and never had to touch them. Best thing with ultimate is they weigh all 4 corners and build them for your needs. Half the price of the arb ones.
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    Dangerously braking / locking up for no reason | MY19 Ranger Raptor 2.0L 10 S

    Had a fleet of ford modeo at work but thats another sad storey. One was possessed with lights turning on in the middle of the night in the driveway. Indicators, wipers turning on and couldnt stop, etc etc. But one other thing it did was drop back to first gear without warning and at speed. Maybe...