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    on this day, 8 years ago

    Eight yrs ago, today, our son left this earth 3 months 3 days after his birth A few days later, we laid him in the ground A piece of me went with him, never to be found A tremor of muscle, tears from my eyes I covered with soil, the end of a young life. The memory of his smile still...
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    are you glad?

    PICTURE THIS regular updates well ,the day started out perfect, nice and cool, a typical SW WA morning. i made it to the local petrol station to fill up with diesel, and loe and behold i ran into a modified jeep cherokee owner. got to talking about how his jeep has never been bogged. running...
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    Nissan GQ Patrol 1989

    Nissan GQ Patrol, 1989 Good Points coils all around square boxy shape, makes it look tough came from the factory with a rear locker and rear stabiliser release, one of the strongest drivelines of any 4wd, easy to repair, modify, and personalise spare parts are easy to get your...
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    just found this place

    howdy guys, name is stets, live in WA, active member of several forums been 4wding since i was old enough to reach the pedals drive the hopper stomper hopper stomper is a V8 Diesel powered GQ Patrol with a few subtle mods. nothing over the top, but she gets driven bloody hard!!! 2"...