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  1. Marck

    Shock adjustment - Is it even worth it?

    Ok so after spending a week on Fraser Island generously grading the tracks with my new 150 Prado I have decided it’s time to give the suspension a little bit of a tickle to get a little more clearance so I am not the lowest clearance vehicle everywhere I go. It was ok in the Suzuki because the...
  2. Marck

    Kings 120W solar blanket. Any feedback?

    I have looked high and low and these guys are by far the best deal out there for a solar blanket. Has anyone actually got one that can offer any feed back ? Thanks M
  3. Marck

    What’s the difference between a $7 and a $25 head light bulb?

    Can anyone fill me in on the difference between a cheep and expensive headlight bulb ?
  4. Marck

    Online parts suppliers

    Hi everyone. I am replacing my shocks and struts and 7nder advice I am wanting to replace the strut bearing also. I can’t find them in Australia at all and on eBay from the uk they are around $50 each. From rock auto in the us I can get complete strut top replacements for about $75 each. Can...
  5. Marck


    I am looking for a cheep set of drawers up to 1 meter long and 920 wide. I only need them for one trip later in the year so I don’t want to spend more than about $200. After that the back seats go back in and nothing will fit. Thanks M
  6. Marck

    New front struts should I pay a man.

    I am replacing my front struts and they are a coil over design. Should I pull them out and then pay a man to disassemble them and reassemble with the new shocks fitted or should I buy a set of spring compressors and risk having may face removed if I mess up and the spring compressors let go...
  7. Marck

    Cheapest way to run an Iridium sat phone

    Hi people I have picked up a second hand iridium sat phone for a Cape trip later in the year. I am thinking that I will just use it for a daily text message to the family once or twice a day when I’m out of mobile coverage and maybe the odd short call. I may also receive the odd call...
  8. Marck

    Who has a V8 petrol Dicovery 3 or V8 petrol land rover sport. Your opinions ?

    If you do can you give me an honest appraisal on them. Reliabilty, cost of ownership, I would be looking at one with aboit 100k KM on it 06- 07 prbably and anything els you can think of. I have read heaps on AULRO but hard to scratch up owners opinions. Thank Marc
  9. Marck

    Fraser trip canceled sad face

    Have canceled next weeks fraser trip due to the weather. Disappointing but the first trip in 2 years that has been binned due to weather. Decided that the risk of having 4 kids stuck in a tent for 3 days was not worth it.
  10. Marck

    Economy running premium unleaded surprising results.

    Right so I just went for a weekend drive of about 1600 km so on the way out I was burning 15-16 litres per 100 km. This is normal for my fuel guzzling pig. I had the tyre pressures up at 39 Psi and cruise set at 110 to gps. I put up with the rough ride of the high preasures for about 500 km...
  11. Marck

    Rubyvale trip anything to see or watch out for ?

    I am heading out to rubyvale with my boy and another family at the end of next week. Apparently we will do a bit of fossicking can anyone give me any pointers on how to find a fancy rock to take home to my wife or make me rich enough to be able to afford a girlfriend? Marc
  12. Marck

    Double din head unit

    I am looking for a double din head unit that runs android that will take a SIM card. I was thinking of just getting one with Bluetooth but having a SIM card will be great so I could make calls and run mapping when I leave my phone at home. Any advice ? M
  13. Marck

    Can you use a snatch strap as an equaliser strap?

    So on the front of my little Suzuki I have 2 recovery points on my xrox bar. They boys and girls over at the manufacturers outback accessories highly recommend that you use an equiliser strap between the 2 points when snatching the vehicle. And that they should be as long as possible to reduce...
  14. Marck

    Hf antenna mount

    Hi all I am looking for a antenna mount for the rear door of my grand vitara kaymar make one that fits the 150 prado. But I am not that keen on spending that much on something I have to modify. If anyone has something that might work out please give me a yell.
  15. Marck

    Time for new brakes

    Time for new brakes all round on the little Suzuki. This is what I think I will go with any hints or suggestions are welcome. Fronts I have a couple of options I recon I will throw DBA T2 on the front. The only other options are fancy T3 cross drilled or RDA slotted and dimpled or stock. I...
  16. Marck

    Snorkel installation prices

    Quick question about install costs for a snorkel. $330 seems to be the going rate around Brisbane so $770 all told. Is this reasonable ? Can anyone recommend someone on the south side or Ipswich that will do the job properly? Thanks Marc
  17. Marck

    2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara - With extra fruit

    V6 Roof basket with tread mounts fitted Awning Xrox bar Winch Uhf Mickey ATZ p3 x 5 about 7000 km 40 mm dobinsons lift with stiffer fronts for bar and winch Auto cooler for towing and beach work Light bar Small spots on bar . Bag full of recovery gear Pair of treads 88000km Just...
  18. Marck

    Cost effective maintenance products

    Just a quick line about them I bought the oil flush and the oil additive and I think I am impressed. The oil flush - I have a petrol V6 that is 11 years old but only has about 75000km on it and by the log book it had only been dealer serviced 8 times in 11 years so I was a little worried it...
  19. Marck

    ECB Big Tube Bull Bar suit Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Hi everyone. I have just taken this off my grand vitara it's in good condition with no bumps or bends. It has all the mounting brackets and bolts. I took it of to fit an XROX bar. It's an over the bumper design so the only cutting you will need to do is a couple of smalll holes in the grill...
  20. Marck

    Realistic spares for a cape trip ex brisbane.

    Hi I am starting to prep for a cape trip this season and getting a together what I might need. Where I am now is with spares. My vehicle is on the smaller size being a grand vitara so I can't take a comprehensive list. I am willing to accept that if if it comes to it I might have to sit and...