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    Reynolds River Track - A day trip from Darwin

    suprise falls the name is apt because there a 2 hidden holes by climbing up were the falls come down you will find a hole about 10m across but well over that in depth ,good for some cliff jumping .scrmble up further you will find another whole just as deep and just as nice . so if you go into...

    hay river run

    track is remote and no it is not dificult if prepared we were solo vehicle and passed 2 other doing it solo ,took 4 days from popell cnr thru to batten hill station at the end ,cost 18 each/night donkey fire showers there . track was well visible ,though after the wet the first thru would to...

    Simpson Desert Trip Easter 2014

    easter happy to say we did a crossing of the desert in early april this year ,and yes it was reasonably warm . nights were nice and the early morning drives were good too ,but as it warms during the day the sand softens making it all the better to drive . lucky enough to cross again in july...

    nsw nowra/ spare wheel carrier

    looking to part with my hitch gate spare wheel carrier these are sold thru avenger in vic it has carried a 35 inch tyre a 2 jerry cans well over 25k kms you are able to remove in minutes and instal in the same time lockable to your drawbar and will take all types of tyres and sizes...

    HJ61 Sahara Ice Maker, how does it work?

    old gas I believe only the dryer needs changing for the system to be compatable with new gas :cool:

    The Dog Fence

    photo i hope

    The Dog Fence

    sth end a couple of years ago we did the googs track then came back along the fence, then we ventured out to were it comes out on the great australian bight it is accessable though they discourage you from using it as the dog traps are laid along it and they are cranking looking things...

    oohhh yeeeaaaah

    6months later to date we have clocked over16000km, completed 2desert crossing the birdsville track, the oonadatta track, driven the coast of sa for 500km worked at mt dare for 9 weeks granted permission to do the homelands track seen camp16,15,14 on the madigan line.. finished tge hay river...

    oohhh yeeeaaaah

    final prep we are almost good to go ,my work committments are over with for now :D and enjoying a pale ale ,think we are leaving monday now a few days earlier than I hoped :eek:, should be a trip off a lifetime again (pre this missus ) post when when we can for up to date track reports ,maybe...
  10. BILLBY

    Black or white lettering on tyres

    I just buggered up ,thinking white would be nice had them fitted but the lettering is back to front what should I do :cool:
  11. BILLBY

    oohhh yeeeaaaah

    hitch gate well it has arrived and have spent a few hours fitting it ,and unfortunatley customising it to fit my ride ,though I am not complaining what fits a jeep might not fit a pajero so only minor grinder work to fit lurch. notices it torques a bit thru the tounge but geez I am hanging a 35...
  12. BILLBY

    oohhh yeeeaaaah

    well we were taking a three week run to lamberts ,NT and that being the turn around point,but decided to claim long service, put in my notice at work and now faced with a no date return cash in the bank ,work tools on the roof and a large dart board being Australia . just put new boots mtz...
  13. BILLBY

    Googs Track Trip

    was great found the track to be in reasonable condition curragated halfway up the dunes ,rutted till almost to the top then nice soft sand to catch the those not paying attention. when we hit the railway we headed west to wynbring (water hole )40km? on the way back we picked up the dog fence...
  14. BILLBY

    egg stowage

    egg brieifcases suck big time,only because 50 gram might fit . looks like I love em I wrap em . anymore ideas ,and no I am not knocking any suggestion I get :cool:
  15. BILLBY

    3765 Kilometres !!

    not religous but I love this country too more kids need outback, not a prepared sylibus,just because shiny bums think in the nanny state mentality but heh we know crap. :cool:
  16. BILLBY

    egg stowage

    love em ,need em ,bloody break them help ,thinking of stowing them on the water bladder but should 1 break ,dont like to think about it . best suggestions needed NOW :cool:
  17. BILLBY

    The Barry Way

    Doc runs from around jindabyne NSW down onto the banks of the snowy river in VIC to follow the road all the way along you finish up at Orbost ,not sure of name changes for the road once it passes willis .hope that helps :cool:
  18. BILLBY

    The Barry Way

    good narrow but in great condition ,there are signs saying not suitable for caravans ,it is true good camping down along the river ,enjoy my avatar picture was taken at the top of the barry way :cool:
  19. BILLBY

    Simpson Desert

    mate ,9 days return hey ,you will going over roads and tracks that you might not be able 80km an hour some sections you might be down as low as 40km. driving fast firstly damages things on your 4bie ,is a major cause of accidents and you are damaging the tracks for every body else . looks...
  20. BILLBY

    garmin nuvi coordinates

    which nuva: have you bought I have been running 5000 for a couple of years great in areas with terrain not so good out in the flat lands . what mapping are you running? :cool: