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    Strange but true?

    it is a crap story but funny none the less, it is even captured in a country song by brad paisley. however, there is a few flaws, the main one being that an insurance company could not retaliate and have the man charged with arson after a court accepted that hes not liable and ordered the...
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    G'day from Darwin

    welcome aboard mate, i too am based in darwin, so your not alone on here
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    Tyre report

    what problems did you get? other than chipping (which i created) they have out lasted and out performed any other A/T or M/T that i have used.
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    Tyre's On A Gu Patrol

    305's (33'S), fit quite nicely, but the 315's (35's) do much better if you have a 4 inch lift or more
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    winch sizing

    simple rule of thumb is. whinches are usually rated in lbs not kgs, so first of ya need to work out the weight of your vehicles GCM ( "gross combined wieght" aka fully loaded with trailer) in lbs (2.5lbs in a kilo roughly). this should be the size of winch you should be looking at. at a...
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    New Motor for Split pin.

    mate i know greg and scotty first hand, i deal with scotty most of the time though. they are great, i even requested scotty do an emergency service on my truck as i drove through town, no worries was the reply, they realy know thier stuff too. top blokes the lot of them
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    4x4 question

    what you can do in a stock vehicle depends on the vehicle to start with. example, a stock gu patrol or 80 series cruiser will handle off road antics better than say a stock rodeo or pajero. aproach and departure angles are quite important as is the ramp over angle. then suspension travel comes...
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    Occasional 4x4'ers: 5w handheld vs 5w vehicle UHF

    the arial is the important factor in uhf's so obviously the handhelds arent going to perform anywhere near that of the in car type. most handhelds get a max of 3 k's even basic cheap arse arials for incar uhfs tend to get 10 k's or so.
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    When to say No.

    bloody drunk idiot rolled his car gently on a sharp bend, it actually rolled 3/4 of the way over but very little damage to it (old dato 1200 or so) anyway i helped the guy put it back on his wheels and took the keys from the ignition. i took the keys to the cops and the rego number and told...
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    Mitsubishi Pajero what, @$#%^% ??

    i have a thing for picking on pajero owners everynow and then. this is what i put up on 4wdaction site ages ago i found this in a search, i specifically like the last paragraph For the curious, the Spanish word pajero means ‘wanker’, from paja meaning ‘wank’ (literally, ‘straw’), in the...
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    Uniden vs GME vs Icom

    your radios over 5 watts are not permitted in aus and if you do use them you can get fined if caught, however, the biggest down side is that you can be talking to someone and they cant reply cos thier radio isnt powerful enough to reach you, they will be able to hear you though
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    Pintle hook/snatch strap

    this is completely in-accurate, many tow points break under shock loads all the time. towballs snap and become missiles, shackles can bend and break too, so can your snatch strap. also consider many recce type hitches are rated to different wieghts and have different designs, take your...
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    hey greg 7 inch rims would be a waste with that tyre size for the sand, the bead would be easier to break and you would get less bagging for the pressure, it would be better to go to a 285 size tyre with a 7 inch rim
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    Uniden vs GME vs Icom

    in real hard truth, it isnt the radio that is the most important. they all have to run a max of 5 watts regardless of brand, some are built a bit better but a good mounting point will solve that problem. the most important and decisive factor for uhf communications is the arial. the higher...
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    tyre's cant make my mind up!!!

    simple, MTZ's the single best all around tyre on the market
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    Your favorite movie's

    im a huge fan of "the lord of the rings" but my fav would be "the notebook" why, well its simple..... i love my woman
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    newbie in everithin!

    just went over this with someone else. so this is a copy/paste from another thread. basically, you plan on trekking through some of the most remote and dangerous land in the world and if you're not careful you can get yourself into some serious trouble. i have spent alot of time in remote...
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    hi from chris gu a new member

    mate i had a friend here in wa that wanted to replace his, he found it cheaper and easier to do an engine transplant to a 5.7 litre holden v8, better fuel economy, more power, more torque, and a better note out the exhaust
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    help and advice needed

    it does sound a bit too good to be true mate, the gear alone would be worth more than that, are things done properly? were the suspension parts and other good gear bought new or second hand? a couple of things to think about, if he has put a ceramic clutch in it, then he must have driven it...