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  1. monk2

    Merry Xmas & happy new year

    Hi Guys I know I donot get on as much as I used to but Merry Xmas to one and all hope every body has a great time and a safe start to the new year from monks and family
  2. monk2

    TYRES what a subject

    Hi all for years I'v run Goodyear MTRs 35/12.50/15 think I bought one of the first sets of these in the 35 inch range to come into Australia, got about 95,000klm out of them and the side walls started to crack in the side bitters, thought it was me something I had done to kill them. So I...
  3. monk2

    why can't we have tyres like this

    looking on youtube and found this why can't we have things like this I want one Biggest street legal Ford 350 in Europe in snow action - Iceland - YouTube :eek:
  4. monk2

    Hydrogen gas generators

    Hi all not sure if anybody has tryed one of these but the fuel savings they are claiming seem quite amazing from a small thing with not a lot of out lay and looks like some good returns for you bucks like doubleing or nearly doubleing your econamy, one guy in W.A. says his VY V6 commadore was...
  5. monk2

    overhead console

    looking for a overhead console for a 1989 62 series landcruiser to house my cb's in :o
  6. monk2

    MT Dissa

    Hi just got of the phone with a mate of mine who works for DSE or somthing like that and mt dissa has a good chance of being open back up for this week end but they have not compleated all there work as of yet so i would not get to excited and most of the tracks are fenced off or been bulldozed...
  7. monk2

    Toyota Landcrusier 1989

    Toyota Landcrusier, 1989 Good Points fun to drive and good for towing my 6.3 meter half cab boat around all mods done by owner Bad Points none at the mom am happy with it What mods have you done? 4 inch spring lift, anti rollback shackels, long travel shockers,35x12.5x15...
  8. monk2

    starter motor for 2F--3F

    Hi all i have a new still in the box starter moter to suit toyota landcrusier 2F-3F manual not sure if auto starter motor is the same $100.00 if any body is interrested regards Gary
  9. monk2

    Left hand snorkel

    Hi all looking for a left hand safari snorkel for a 60 series crusier these where made qyite some time ago for there turbo setups on early desiel 60 series anybody got anyidears would be great thanks regards Gary
  10. monk2

    hi to all

    :D hi all just found this site while looking around at info on S.O.A. conversions, seems like a good place to be thx for having me :) regards monks