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  1. profoto

    Best Elec Brake Systems

    I run a Tekonsha Prodigy for the horse float, handles up to three axles, readout on settings, three preset levels above your initial setting ( C is what you set the B1 B2 B3, so we use C for one horse and B1 or B2 for 2 depending upon weight) displays shows what is happening and also if system...
  2. profoto

    Snow chains?

    The times I have been ski-ing there were chain fitting bays and the blokes who were there let 4WD's through without chains, 2WD's slide around a bit but AWD's stay straight until it gets really thick. On a sealed surface the ride is as rough as buggery and I wouldn't go over 20kph as your...
  3. profoto

    Camping dunny

    I have heard of people using napisan with chemical toilets, not sure if this is better or worse than the chemicals for the top and bottom tanks.
  4. profoto

    Battery inquirey

    Techni ice now run Danfoss in the fridges
  5. profoto

    Battery inquirey

    The Optima handles the rough better than some others due to the way the plates are seperated, I think it's the blue, 120ah won't run a fridge for a few days unless you are driving or have a solar set up to keep it topped up. Optima are also about the most expensive battery on the market, some...
  6. profoto

    Jeep Remote Dealership dibacle

    Country NSW is about as remote as you can get from WA. Saw it advertised, didn't bother. SWMBO said she likes the Jeep, I said I prefer a 4WD. Clever marketing on some of their stuff where 4WD is optional.
  7. profoto

    Goin yakkin

    I have a fly fishing vest with a built in buoyancy vest (PFD2or3) that is self inflating, never had to use it but on slippery rocks in fast water I have gone for a swim a few times. Could be useful with the pockets. Wichard make an excellent knife that won't rust and will happily slice through...
  8. profoto

    Vic-W Gippsland Swag

    Sold SWMBO will now be happy to have some space
  9. profoto

    Goin yakkin

    I was talking about these types, bulky lifejackets in a kayak or canoe are a PITA ?burke? Inflatable Lifejacket Level 150 PFD1 Brand NEW Manual Life Jacket 150N | eBay
  10. profoto

    Vic-W Gippsland Swag

    Done, I didn't put in the bottom hoop as there was no room but it is all intact, there are also two small poles for holding out the front flap at 90° to the end.
  11. profoto

    Goin yakkin

    Self inflating PFD1 are not cumbersome and under $100 if you look around, we have 4 on the boat and 4 of the older style foam jackets which are uncomfortable. Look for something with a comfortable yoke otherwise it will drive you mad, you may want to consider a crotch strap as well if you think...
  12. profoto

    Vic-W Gippsland Swag

    Swag, 2 years old, been out in rain to seal but never used Condition Good- Price $60- Location Lang Lang- Contact Details PM or 0422 640527- Postage Details Too heavy Pictures Can load later if wanted Purchased from Aldi about two years ago but never used it, I put it...
  13. profoto

    Tool Time

    Got a few older Hitachi routers which are almost bullet proof but no soft start, a bit of Festool gear which is brilliant but never told SWMBO what they cost, Metabo angle grinder because it nhas a clutch, Makita jigsaw which is good. Someone bought me an Ozito belt sander which would never...
  14. profoto

    the otooles drop bears..... AND THERE EXISTENCE.

    Took a distant relative who was backpacking from the UK camping, told him to watch out for Yowies and we knew they were around because you could hear them growling (Bull Koala's). We saw a black snake cruising through and he shit himself because he was afraid it would get into his tent, we said...
  15. profoto

    the otooles drop bears..... AND THERE EXISTENCE.

    Thats the Northern Drop Bear, we have the Southern Drop Bears, tad smaller but just as ferocious.
  16. profoto

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    You are pathetic and letting the side down, haven't you heard of home delivered pizzas and a fridge full of stubbies, what more does a bloke need:p
  17. profoto

    A bit of useless Trivia (WD-40)

    And rust from cast iron stationary machinery tops with the aid of a plastic scourer before applying silverglide.
  18. profoto


    Back in the bad old days before we had a fridge we had cans of sanitarium nutmeat which we sliced off like a hamburger, pan fried and served on toast with fried onions and tomato sauce with tabasco added.
  19. profoto

    Shocking Fuel Economy

    If there is evidence of tampering that could justify an insurance claim.
  20. profoto


    Woman goes to the fishmonger and asks for some cod, sorry madam we don't have any cod what else would you like, she says I would like some cod. A bit exasperated the fishmonger says to the woman 'how many S's in snapper' one she replies, 'how many how many G's in garfish' one she replies, 'how...