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    nsw nowra/ spare wheel carrier

    looking to part with my hitch gate spare wheel carrier these are sold thru avenger in vic it has carried a 35 inch tyre a 2 jerry cans well over 25k kms you are able to remove in minutes and instal in the same time lockable to your drawbar and will take all types of tyres and sizes...

    oohhh yeeeaaaah

    well we were taking a three week run to lamberts ,NT and that being the turn around point,but decided to claim long service, put in my notice at work and now faced with a no date return cash in the bank ,work tools on the roof and a large dart board being Australia . just put new boots mtz...

    egg stowage

    love em ,need em ,bloody break them help ,thinking of stowing them on the water bladder but should 1 break ,dont like to think about it . best suggestions needed NOW :cool:


    chasing a clutch boot firstly next I am looking for ice tray with lid ,have 1 but would realy love the 2nd one aircon has just been upgraded ice in 30 minutes :cool:

    air con top up

    well dropped lurch (trust me if you drove it you would know) in for a regas , it has a drink cooler in the centre console that makes ice as well ,and a rear unit as well . should cost a little more big system and all thats and will need pressure testing should be about 380,estimate , that...

    monkey gum has been machined

    yes the monkey gum has had earth moving equipment tidy up the track ,not only on the escarpment but the track going up from the creek ,looks like stockie heaven now ,that and some of the other main firetrails like casia .. some will say crap but in reality this is the only they get to stay...

    traveling work around AUS

    my partner and I are heading off for another trip ,but we are looking to do this more often but we would too earn as we go so as to spend more away time . We are /have applied at a remote roadhouse in the SA which would allow to us explore on days off give us a income , seeking simiiar all...

    after market car seats

    the good lady suffers a bit from passenger seat soreness,the drivers came out with lumber stuf in VX any suggestions . :cool:

    winch draw

    whats a which going to pull under load more than a 100amps>or < less I do not have a isolater just direct connection ,laying around here a 100amp switch with reset ,it would be best to take the winch out of the loop surely I have a small drain occuring and wonder if this a posible source...
  10. BILLBY

    sand flag

    had 1 stolen awhile ago and needing 1 in the next few months . flea bay seems to be real dear for what they are . anyone have a better option ? :cool:
  11. BILLBY

    crap universal

    heh how good does a dry uni sound on our last run 200km in we gota squeak happening under load and at about 1000rpm, to 1400rpm depressing the clutch made it quiet and a little right foot ,not to be confused with beautiful brake foot . Had a ting for the last 10,000km occasionaly , and yes I...
  12. BILLBY

    what to buy in a clutch

    gearing up for next years big trip and decided to do the clutch over the xmas break seeing how busy it gets down here ,so the question is what makes a good clutch for my ride. it is 12ht landruiser and I do have some gear in it, on it ,and under it ,no towing but I do have big rubber .and...
  13. BILLBY

    bench test a alternater

    can a simple punter like my self test a alternater at home or out in the bush too see if it is any good? got problems electrically need to know if what I have is any good and it is out of the vehicle and sitting in the shed help :cool:
  14. BILLBY


    see lots of posts giving short notice to events that have been planned for months in advance dont know how we would moderate it ,but I feel we can provide better info to events and links to such :cool:
  15. BILLBY

    cig campers

    thought they were off limits yey just clicked onto advertisment here ?????? backwards because I thought offlimits ????? :cool:
  16. BILLBY

    2012 mme

    thanks too everyone who fun putting this together and those who made it down over the long weekend . Nice to put names to avavtars and I am sure we will be seeing more of each other on subsequent trips . Probaly needs a nomination for the next middle earth next year so I suppose if you would...
  17. BILLBY

    the french line

    looking for info please , preferably this season :cool:
  18. BILLBY

    the bush mechanic

    yes saw the show ,been out playing for years seen the 8 gauge in the older fellas tool kits there is always a way too limp home ,fabricate something from rubbish I broke a tie rod end while away a the humble cable tie did over 150km of desert running to me just thinking about using...
  19. BILLBY

    buying a gopro

    what will constitute a good buy ? will use mainly for 4wd what accessories mighty be needed ? and who give gives good service before and after sales surely this is not too much to ask? :cool:
  20. BILLBY

    air cleaners aftermarket

    we all have one ,but aftermarket units do a better job of getting air in so we can push it out that much I know , were? is the rest of the information always looking to gain some and then save some coin with fuel savings. and I do understand that in different situations more protection is...