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    drawers and switches

    cheers thanks
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    Duel cab back seat storage

    In my D Max dual cab, I made a tin box with lift up lids to take a variety of stuff,; removed the rear bench seat but put in a single seat behind the passenger seat, from a kia cerato, fits really well and finished with marine carpet, the box not the seat :rolleyes:. designed to use the floor...
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    drawers and switches

    Hi all, I'm looking to put rocker switches into the rear side wing panel of ARB drawers ( their on order) , the end piece facing out, , does anyone have any ? could you tell me how thick they are? I think their tin, so probably a couple of mm, just want to make sure before I buy a heap of gear...
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    Sound deadening?

    High all ,does any one know how to remove the roof lining of a D max? I'm looking to put some sound deadening stuff in, saw a wicked video from car builders and it's pretty much convinced me to have a crack, cheers