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  1. redback

    2021 Toyota VDJ76R V8 GXL Wagon

    Well I finally got a new vehicle, we sold the Golf and the Amarok and started looking for a replacement, had to be a 4X4, wagon and have good power and torque and cargo space. We first looked at the second hand market, WOW, the price of second hand 4WDs is outrages to say the least, I started...
  2. redback

    Frequently asked questions, Discovery 3, 4, RRS

    oops buggar
  3. redback

    For the Amarok owners

    This is just a heads up for those that may find that when you wash the engine bay or do a water crossing and sometime after, you go to start your Rok after it has sat idle for a couple of weeks and it feels like the motor suddenly shakes violently on start up, which is what happened to us, this...
  4. redback

    Land Rover Discovery 4, 2.7l TDV6 2011

    Land Rover Discovery 4, 2.7l TDV6, 2011 Good Points Very comfortable, great fuel economy, great tow vehicle, handles like a car, quiet, good power and torque. Bad Points Scarey electronics, no USB port in stereo, no iPod connection unless you get the SatNav What mods have you...
  5. redback

    Our Gulf Adventure

    So we are off again, this time to the Gulf with a bunch of people from the Camper trailer forum. First stop Tarriano Res Narrabri, the river was up this trip from all the rain they have been getting. Tarriaro Res Narrabri From here was Taroom and Chain Lagoons. Taroom...
  6. redback

    Christmas In the High Country

    This year we started our trip late, leaving on the 24th of Dec, first stop was Wog Way 2 off Imlay Rd about 60ks west of Eden. It was fun for the dogs Next morning we left about 8.30am for Licola, arriving to a very cold (14deg) bought a few things from the (very expensive) shop and...
  7. redback

    Merry Christmas To All

    I would to wish everyone a happy a safe Christmas, please don't drink and drive. From Barry, Kerry, Nessie, and Pepper & Honey (our dogs):D
  8. redback

    Do Your Partners Drive Offroad

    Mine does, so I thought I'd put a little compilation of her day at Appin a couple of years ago. The Disco at the time needed shocks badly:eek: So if you have anything of your better half driving, post it up:D Baz.
  9. redback

    Yadboro Flat 13th to 15th Nov

    Now Cancelled CANCELLED Sorry family commitments:(
  10. redback

    Our Cape York Adventure

    PART 1 This trip had been in the planning for over 12mths, it was an AULRO Forum trip, not unlike the MySwag Cape Trip, the itinerary was completed by JohnR and Discostew the offical trip leaders about a month before we parted. We had been prepared months earlier and only needed to do food...
  11. redback

    Bunyip Hole at Darlington Point

    For anyone travelling south via Wagga and Narrandera, it's on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, it's free. from: Helensburgh, NSW to: King st darlington point nsw - Google Maps On this map, from King St keep going straight onto the track at the end, when you go over the creek and through...
  12. redback

    Land Rover Discovery Series II 2001

    Land Rover Discovery Series II, 2001 Good Points Excellent tourer, tows well, great tow capacity, good on fuel, very comfortable on long trips, good load space, good power and torque. Bad Points Mongrel to get accessories for. What mods have you done? Safari Snorkle ARB...
  13. redback


    OK yes i'm a forum tragic, been looking and lurking for a while now, actually the missus signed me up, then rang me to say she'd found a new site that has new camping sites that people visit and share:D Hi all Barry is the name (or Baz) i have noticed some familiar names from other forums...
  14. redback

    Bean Bake

    Here's a good recipe for breaky its a good heartstarter when your camping, good for dinner too BEAN BAKE 8 snags cut into small peices 1 onion choped up 8 bacon rashers cut into small peices 1 tablespoon brown sugar 400g tin tomatoes salt pepper 1 teaspoon mustard 400g tin of four...