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    Wanted - Narva 175 lens Covers WA

    I have recently lost / got swiped off my spotties, the clear lens covers for a set of Narva 175's. If anyone has any they want to get rid of, pm and can work something out. Cheers
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    Request for more Mods

    As the title suggests, anychance of bumping up the numbers of mods at all to assist with the rise in spammers at all? Maybe some that are shiftworkers who could follow up during the wee hours of the twilight? Cheers
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    Mazda BT50 SDX D/C 3.0 T/D 2007

    Mazda BT50 SDX D/C 3.0 T/D, 2007 Good Points Comfortable Good On /Off Road Overall Size Inside and Out Bad Points Poor Suspension Poor Ride height keeps busting CV's / Boots Poor Torsion Bars Terrible Service and Warranty Issues Lack of Parts Expensice to Maintain What...
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    nOOb member from WA

    Hi all, New member from WA, took me a bit to finally getting on the forum after trolling through a lot of the threads. Looking forward to catching up in the future.