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    Which puncture repair kit to buy?

    My hunt started off as a simple "tyre valve removal tool" search then I figured some spare valves and caps would be a good inclusion so I began my internet crawl. It wasn't long before I came to the conclusion that a tyre repair kit would be a better investment. Now it gets interesting. From...
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    Dashcam editing software???

    My Dashcam comes with viewing software but it can't, or I can't, stitch the clips together to form a longer seamless clip i.e. convert 5 X 1 minute clips into 1 X 5 minute clip. Is there a fix that someone could suggest?
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    Novice needs advice (Spun out in the wet)

    Hi all, I have a problem I need help with. As anybody in SEQ would know it has been non-stop raining here for the last 24 hours or so. Last night, I was returning home from a family visit when my car spun out nearly 180 degrees on a roundabout. By no means am I a novice driver but I am a...
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    Virgin 2 wheel driver

    Virgin 4 wheel driver Hi all, my name is Brian, I'm from Brisbane, and I'm a newbie to the 4wd world.