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  1. OneHilux

    Shaved doors on an old hilux

    G’day I thought I’d start this thread as I couldn’t find another one talking about this and didn’t have all day to scroll through them - I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with setting up shaved doors on an older 4x4 single cab Hilux. My drivers side door has some rust, and I...
  2. OneHilux

    LN106 Hilux one-peice tailshaft swap

    Hi Everyone, I recently had a mate offer me a LN167 solid tailshaft, as he was LS swapping the car, using a different gearbox and getting custom driveshafts made. It’s a common swap for my older Hilux, but I couldn’t find one anywhere online and hadn’t checked out any wreckers yet, but seeing...
  3. OneHilux

    Stainless snorkel vs airtec

    Hi, I am considering buying a JMAX Engineering Stainless snorkel. I wouldn’t hold back, except that stainless snorkels have a rear facing intake, as opposed to the ram head on the airtec. Is anyone aware that this makes a huge difference? A few mates gave me some very strong words against...
  4. OneHilux

    My first 4WD (Hilux LN106R)

    My first 4WD and in fact, my first car. I have been told more than once that I made a good choice with this 1991 2.8D Hilux. It’s not the tidiest example of an LN106, but they are getting hard to come by in any condition. Bought it from McKinlay, which is about 75k from Julia Creek (QLD). Had...