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  1. rockydog

    Hilux airbox baffle

    Gday everyone. Looking to install a catchcan on my 5le Hilux. Has anyone removed the baffle before? Thinking of installing the catchcan thereabouts Cheers
  2. rockydog

    Clutch Replacements

    Hi everyone My clutch in my 2003 3.0l hilux is on its way out. Just looking for recommendations for a replacement. Its the ln167r model with a Denco hi tourqe turbo. 210000km. Tows a camper trailer every now and then. Cheers for the input Matt
  3. rockydog

    5le Throttle body position sensor

    Hi all I have a 03 ln167r 5le Hilux. 196000km About half a dozen times now the engine light comes on and she goes into limp mode. Always happens when stopped at light or intersection idling. Never while driving. Turn her off for 10 seconds then on again and the light goes off and shes sweet...
  4. rockydog

    snapped centre hub bolt

    Hi all, Was driving along around 70km/h and out of nowhere a weird grindy noise came from the left wheel than BANG and it went quiet. Pulled over and had a look and the manual hub was half engaged. Turned it back to free and cautiously drove home, only a few ks. When i got home i took the hub...
  5. rockydog

    Type of oil as the years go buy?

    Hey everyone Wanting to change diff and gearbox oils in my 03 ln167r hilux. Normally i just use what the manual recommends but ive read and heard that as the vehicle gets older you should change the oil types to suit. Any thoughts on this and if so what do people recommend for a 13yo ln167r...
  6. rockydog

    OME EFS Combination

    Hi all Had a 2 inch lift done via torsion bar wind up with new OME nitro sport shocks in 2011. Its all sagged again as expected as its been awhile and she towed a camper around Auzzie in 2012. Was thinking of replacing factory torsion bars and rear springs with EFS bars and comfort/medium rate...
  7. rockydog

    new tyre wobble! WHY?????

    Hey everyone, Hope someone can help me here. I have just put new tyres on my hilux and it now wobbles like hell over 80kmh. They were balanced and aligned when fitted and today i had a second place balance and align them again but it still wobbles over 80kmh. What i think it might be is both...
  8. rockydog

    Found this site tonight, its not too bad, one of the best ive found!! Ðвто запчаÑти оптом из ОÐЭ от GForce: продажа автозапчаÑтей, коматÑу, Ñузуки, тойота, мазда, ниÑÑан, subaru, Ñпецтехника. Just make sure you...
  9. rockydog

    boost and egt gauge

    Hey all, In a few weeks i will be putting a boost and egt gauge into my 3.0L Hilux, it has a Denco turbo already fitted. Going to be driving around Aussie next year towing a camper trailer so just want to keep an eye on how shes running. If anyone has done this any info would be awesome before...
  10. rockydog

    Which Insurance

    Hi Everyone, not sure if im posting this in the right spot or not!! Just wondering what recomendations people have in regards to any insurance companys covering a 4x4 and campertrailer while driving around Aussie. The one on here looks ok, TCIS. Thanks in advance, Matt
  11. rockydog

    perth exhausts

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know a good exhaust centre in perth who do 4x4 exhaust upgrades? Thanks
  12. rockydog

    Which Camper Trailer in Perth??

    Hey everyone, Hope to get some feedback on a few camper trailer models!! My Girlfriend and I are planning to take 12 months off work/rut and do the big loop!! We are looking to spend upto 15-17k MAX, on our trailer. We are very impressed with downunder campers off road model but have since...
  13. rockydog

    Hilux RPM

    Hey all, Just wondering what rev range to expect for a 2003 LN167R 3Ltr hilux, it has a denco high torque turbo 2.5inch exhaust and 31inch tyres. It might be just me but it feels like it revs high as at 100km/h in 5th its pulling 3000rpm, in 4th at 60km/h she pulls 2000rpm. I dont have a...
  14. rockydog

    Best Flares?

    Hi everyone, Im looking at putting some flares on my 03 Hilux, just wondering which flares are best TJM or ARB? I went to ARB today and they told me theres fit better than TJM yet most people seem to go for TJM. Im after the fibreglass sr5 style flares. Cheers, Matt
  15. rockydog

    Suspect speeding fine!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

    Hey everyone, hows it all going?? Sorry to put something un4x4 on here but i have a question!!!! I just recieved a speeding fine, photo and all. But in the photo there is another car between my car and the camera, all you can see off my ute is the rear end. Is it worth contesting?? I was doing...
  16. rockydog

    Hilux Mirrors

    Hey Everyone, need a little help/advise Im trying to find some chrome sr5 style mirrors to replace the little side mirrors on my 2003 doublecab hilux. Tried the wreckors and no luck, next stop was Toyota. Heres the thing!! ( theres always a thing) They couldnt use my hilux's model number or...
  17. rockydog

    Hey Everybody

    Hey there, My names Matt, i brought a 3.OL 5L-E 2003 Doublecab Hilux last year but soon after i brought it i started working away. Im now back in Perth and have time to play with it and explore WA and hopefully the rest off Australia in the near future!! THE BUG HAS BITTEN Since buying it i...