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  1. RogueTrader

    Advice on first proper family 4WD

    Cheers! I really like the Disco 3- it’s a seriously good off-road vehicle and I really like the boxy look, though the wife isn’t a huge fan of the look. I am reasonably handy, but by no means a mechanic- I’d have a go a fixing some things myself, but probably lean towards a mechanic for most...
  2. RogueTrader

    Advice on first proper family 4WD

    Thanks! I like the Pajero, I really do. They are a very capable vehicle with good features and seem reliable. Probably my only concern is the towball weight issue, but if I’m being honest, I’ll probably never tow anything super heavy.
  3. RogueTrader

    Advice on first proper family 4WD

    Hi all We’re looking to upgrade out ‘07 Outlander to a proper 4WD in the next two years. I’m looking for something that ticks the following boxes: -wife can use as daily drive, and we have three kids (age 5-13). I have a company car, so this will be the “everything else” vehicle! -must be...
  4. RogueTrader

    Hello to all!

    Howdy I'm very new to the world of 4WD-ing, so bear with me if I make any stupid comments! Also, I am aware that a Mitsubishi Outlander is not a 'proper' 4WD, but it suits my needs for simple offroad & beach work. Plus it's cheap to run! Feel free to say g'day... Marc