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  1. Joe Fury

    Dooms Day looming ~ apparently.

    G'day Adventurers. Here I am wondering about the possible onslaught of Covid-19, or Coronavirus affecting my life. I say 'my life' in a very as a matter of fact way simply because there is a huge turn around of humanity, which occurs on a very regular basis just a few kilometres away from where...
  2. Joe Fury

    Out'n'About after the rain

    G'day Adventurers The rain has eased after a quick visit from cyclone Blake, he managed to breeze through fairly rapidly bringing down a few trees in various locations across town, although wind strength from the passing cyclone was minimal, my guess is the 'downed trees' fainted because they...
  3. Joe Fury

    Out'n'About, in+40

    G'day Adventurers I trust everyone is safe, in saying this I feel for the folks enduring the above average temperatures and the un-seasonal fire storms that make the daily evening news headlines. Here in the Pilbara but more so in the home paddock the East Pilbara is it's usual temperature...
  4. Joe Fury

    Missing ~ Found Dead

    G'day Adventurers This news story possibly didn't make headlines outside of Western Australia, but none the less it did happen. I'm not for one second pointing an accusing finger or apportioning blame when it comes to this very sad outcome, but again it seems as though lessons have not been...
  5. Joe Fury

    A lazy 4200 Kilometres

    G'day Adventurers It has been a while since I've posted anything that might be of interest, but I've not been idle at all, with somewhere close to 2000 Kilometres of travel logged in resent months in what I call 'the back yard' ~ this being the inland Pilbara, it was most fitting to do a road...
  6. Joe Fury

    Out and About

    G'day Adventurers I'm not too sure if this post can be taken as being a note worthy trip, but being where I was with the wife at the time, was superb, simply because the Pilbara is magnificent at this time of year. Admittedly, driving somewhere close to 34 kilometres out of town doesn't...
  7. Joe Fury

    Desert Trek

    G'day Adventurers The new year is into the second month and the wet season as it is here in the inland Pilbara region is showing all the classic signs of being a dud, with the only named cyclone so far this year not making any significant impact on the north west, weather wise. It would be nice...
  8. Joe Fury

    Dehydration ~ Deaths

    G'day Adventurers November the first or 1/11 is the 'official' start of the Wet Season, this possibly means Jack diddly to anyone in the leafy suburbs in any state of Australia, it simply implies the chance of rain ~ very heavy rain and possible cyclonic weather over the next six to seven...
  9. Joe Fury

    Spinifex and Iron earth.

    G'day Adventurers I thought those of you who live somewhere that's wet cold and windy right now might appreciate a little slice of "warm~ish" Pilbara, just to plant a seed of adventure in your heart (no pain intended) BYO ~ 4WD and a 'Spirit of Adventure' Safe Travels: Joe Fury Mount Newman...
  10. Joe Fury

    Over the hill.

    G'day Adventurers The June long weekend here in the 'Big' state has come and gone with barely a whimper, I say this only because the last three days away from all things along the lines of media have been incredibly relaxing, no political bullsh1t, religious or mongrel social misfit ~ breaking...
  11. Joe Fury

    Between the rainstorms

    G'day Adventurers I am not trying to re-invent anything to do with big rainfall totals or floods that only happen or haven't happened in 50 years, I live in a part of Western Australia that has extremes in almost everything imaginable, the region has had a few millimetres of rain, 46 in some...
  12. Joe Fury

    Taken by a Crocodile !

    G'day Adventurers Well here we go again, a 'local bloke' up in the territory had been taken by a Croc on Cahill's crossing not surprising really, it's the northern wet season the crossing is renown for large crocodiles and in numbers, yet a local who should have known better decided to walk the...
  13. Joe Fury

    Mountanous Climb.

    G'day Adventurers I'm not too sure if what I am about to submit as a trip report, really stacks up as a true 'trip report' if it doesn't then ignore it but it's something I did do just a couple of days ago, there was some off road driving involved, steep climbs, rocks, mud and a shady spot...
  14. Joe Fury

    Wandering about the Pilbara.

    G'day Adventurers This is just a quick 'snap shot' of my last tour ~ wandering about the Pilbara, with no real time frame for my international friends, the request was simple but understandable for me at least, so in their very best 'Swiss ~ French/Italian' to English, their express wish was to...
  15. Joe Fury

    In an ever changing landscape.

    G'day Adventurers I'm not too sure why, but for whatever reason I ventured out and about today just a 'solo' run that was no more than 65 Kilometres ~ there and back, after all it's a nice sunny day ~ cool easterly breeze and about 26 degrees C. I guess it can be said that I might be fortunate...
  16. Joe Fury

    My part of the Pilbara

    G'day Adventurers I am having a quiet day at home in the inland Pilbara, it is still a tad too wet after tropical cyclone Stan to do anything 'off road' so I'll kick the door open for you just a little, so you can take a look if you wish ~ when it was dry. Safe travels : Joe