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  1. Aza013

    Early Season to the Tip

    Great work on the footage as always. it looked like you all had a blast.
  2. Aza013

    Have you been vaccinated yet?

    I have an anti vaxer at my work, big nut job. Telling everyone all these BS stories about things. he was spotted in the line at the vaccination hub to get his shot last week. as for my jab I’m in the holding line. Should be within the next 14 odd days.
  3. Aza013

    Has anyone else had trouble getting tyres ?

    Just changed out my BFG KO2’s after 112000ks still had 40% on then. Even the shop was amazed about how long they lasted. new set BFG’s ordered and delivered same day , no problems at all. 265/70/R17’s @ $360 each.
  4. Aza013

    New V6 Hilux

    The big question is will the hand break work?? but apart from that it’s got me interested, will be looking for a new 4x4 about that time.
  5. Aza013

    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Down at Yarborough flats for a week.
  6. Aza013

    Oricom vs GME vs Uniden vs ICOM - which UHF radio is best for 4 wheel driving?

    I’m now running a GME XRS in the vehicle + I have 2 GME 5w hand held radios for when out in the gold fields with family or friends.
  7. Aza013

    Black smoke

    Yep it did. good clean and catch can helped, very little now only on full throttle but hay it’s a diesel it’s going to do that :) I did not go down the EGR blank/delete line.
  8. Aza013

    Black smoke

    Sorry missed the last line of your post lol I had the same problem with my one before I got a catch can and ripped off the air manifold and gave it a good clean took a lot of soaking and scrubbing to get all the black crud out of it, also give the EGR valve a good clean up as well.
  9. Aza013

    Black smoke

    Gday 2 things you will need. 1- air intake manifold clean 2- a prove to catch can to stop oil getting back into air intake.
  10. Aza013

    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    You are more than likely right.
  11. Aza013

    Another one that makes me scratch my head

    We need a facepalm emoji in the liked area. he only needed a little push on the trailer break and all would be good. what would have been better though would have been to just sit back and chill behind the cars, why ppl have to rush around all the time.
  12. Aza013

    New member

    Yep it’s the Covid tax grrrrrrrrrrrr some are trying to sell for 3x what they should be. And welcome to the forum.
  13. Aza013

    Wheel winch or portable electric winch?

    Lol I had the two of those books And loads more of them lol
  14. Aza013


    You are right there. even when we get close to working things out they change the rules again.
  15. Aza013


    Looking at that I would say it’s only the first chapter :?
  16. Aza013

    4WDing groups

    Gday and welcome.
  17. Aza013

    Over Heating Hilux

    2nd the above
  18. Aza013

    To fill up or not ?

    Yep I know that one very well :( $15000 engine rebuild payed by fuel company on my other car.
  19. Aza013

    Over Heating Hilux

    There might still be air in the cooling pipes, stopping the coolant from working around correctly. Just putting it out there.
  20. Aza013

    Getting the Challenger ready for the tracks.

    The below weight was before xrox bar and winch. So need to add 55kgs for xrox bar and 25kgs for winch So looking at these numbers and adding 300kg for ppl in vehicle ( taken 100kg off as driver is still in vehicle when weight was taken ( RMS use 80kg per seat 400kg 5 seats)) That would put me...