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  1. Grippy

    Bit of a trip today - Caroona Conservation Pk

    Well, I originally went for just a short explore, turned out to be around 500k's and 8 hours or so. Ended up near Mt Bryan, not sure if I found it or not, got sidetracked through a gate and up a 4wd only road that went through a bit of a gorge and eventually went up to a summit overlooking...
  2. Grippy

    Border Tk School Holidays

    I'm keen for a few nights under the canvas. Was planning on Googs but a mate from work can only get 2 nights away, so Border Tk it is. Camping at Red Bluff is a no go due to Vic border restrictions and being caught in there means 2 weeks of isolation, hmm. Sooo, planning to drive to Pinaroo...
  3. Grippy

    Big Desert Trip

    A few mates and I were planning on doing Googs these school holidays but did Big Desert instead as the temps up on the Googs would have been 40*C, So the trip only consisted of me in the WG V8 Grand Cherokee, another mate in a 2013 Prado and another mate in his brand new FJ Cruiser that he was...
  4. Grippy

    Pichi Rich Railway and Southern Flinders (very pic heavy)

    I went to visit the old dear last week and we took the boy on the Pichi Richi Railway, she used to live at Quorn so knew the people still working on it. I managed ot get out and get some other shots while up there too. Didn't have time for any tracks sadly, had to come back and help her clean...
  5. Grippy

    Some from Hallett Cove, Adelaide

    Haven't been down this way for a while, I love to get down there and get some longer exposures on the rocks. Half decent weather on Saturday so off I went with the little fella, he always loves it, gets to have a climb. All with an old Oly E-3 and Zuiko 9mm <
  6. Grippy

    2002 WG Grand Cherokee Limited

    I have ditched the Hilux and picked up this old girl. Bloody ripper to drive, 4.7L V8, plenty of guts. I took this the first week I got it, since I have had the exhaust done (sounds like a V8 now) it was silent before, lifted it 2 inches, still need to get shocks to suit, and picked up some...
  7. Grippy

    Transfer to QLD Rego

    G'day everyone. We are close to making a move from Adelaide to the Gold Coast (hopefully by Xmas) and I have been trying to find out about the rego transfer and such for both our cars, the wife has a Suzuki Grand Vitara which will get road worthy etc with no probs, I understand its a vehicle ID...
  8. Grippy

    G'Day all

    Hello all. Just bought my first 4wd, a 91 Hilux Surf, nice and cheap so couldn't pass it up and plus it keeps the wife of my back from dirtying up her grand vitara. Am keen to get out there and have a crack, have some fun and learn something. Wife and daughter aren't keen but my son is...