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    Lets get this discussion started!

    Only drove in this country once in the snow and I will say it is difficult. Have driven in the Yukon and North Western Territories in Canada in winter on propper Snow tyres. Goodyear Blilzarks (Not studded) and it was a walk in the park. These tyres it's not recommended to use above 4 C. I...
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    Its Quiet on 'Earth. Whats Been Keeping You Away?

    Seen a few forums over years that have started up a Facebook page. Then the Forum is like a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling through.
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    Its Quiet on 'Earth. Whats Been Keeping You Away?

    It does seem quieter. I went overseas for 3 months at the start of March this year in that time the forum had changed format. When I returned since then there does not appear to be as much activity as there previously was.
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    How to 4 wheel drive in Snow

    That's for sure. After driving a vehicle fitted with Goodyear Blizarks earlier this year in Northern Canada, I was blown away by the level of grip provided by these proper winter tyres. At times I was driving at speeds up to 100Kph on snow covered roads. In fact it was easier than driving many...
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    Hi all, Brand new to off road. No advice is stupid advice :)

    G'day Ben, Don't forget there is no such things as stupid questions just enlightenment.
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    Anyone got some snow photos

    Thanks Phill. Yes I'm glad i don't live there to. Living in the tropics I thought lets do something that is totally different. I wasn't disapointed. BTW The vehicle we rented was a stock standard AWD V6 Chevy Equinox (Kind of like a Holden Captiva) Just had snow tyres, Goodyear Blizarks. A...
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    Anyone got some snow photos

    A couple more- Gotta bit cold some mornings and heading up the Mackenzie river for the Arctic
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    Anyone got some snow photos

    Then rented a vehicle and went for a big drive to the Aric on an Ice road
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    Anyone got some snow photos

    Not in this country, so cheating I know but went to the Yukon and North West Territories, Canada in March this year Did a day Dog Sleding (mushing), Day Snow Mobile and and 1/2 day Ice fishing.
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    How to 4 wheel drive in Snow

    Some simple things can make it easier in the snow. Like make sure your glass is clean, particularly on the inside and front windscreen. Keep the inside of your vehicle as dry as possible. Only open the doors as long as necessary. Like take off your jacket before you open the door. Keep your...
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    Day trip out of Cairns 18th july

    Would be up for that but Saturdays don't work for me. Sundays to Wednesdays do tho.
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    why still using drum brake?

    Muc the Truck is onto it. Greater surface area = greater retardation. At least on the first brake application. I do wonder if this has a contribution to tow ratting?
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    Engine Conversion

    if it's a day to day driver forget it. Conversions are problematic expensive for what you achieve. It's never as easy as they say.
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    G day from Cairns

    Welcome mate we are prollly living in one of the best spots in Aust. when it comes to 4 wheeling. It's right on our doorstep.
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    An American perspective on OZ

    Having just come back from there I can testify to those points. Maybe apart from 9. I like how health care made to the top of the list. We should be more passionate about protecting ours. One thing tho "the freedom thing" this where the US is in front, yes you feel more free here. Land mass...
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    HPR 5 or HPR 5 Diesel

    I was told on good authority that it's not a good idea to go from mineral based oil to a diesel detergent based oil. However in this case it maybe ok. As it's semi syn to full syn. Personally I use the full syn HPR 5 In my YD25 Nissan engine with no issues at all. The main reason is the heat...
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    New Hilux Donks?

    Personally I don't mind the look but the all that chrome on the grill is a little over the top. A high efficiency V6 petrol in the range would be good.
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    North Stradbroke Island -AWD Banned

    Yeah you wonder where it's all going to end. About 20 years ago I did the Creb track and Roaring Meg falls without incident in a 2WD Rodeo. Admittedly it was on 16" wheels and AT's but I think I'm more proud of that any other off road achievements with a decent 4WD. When it comes to the...
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    Where's the most embarrassing place you've been bogged? Pictures?

    Out in the countryside of France. Took a little road which turned out to be interesting, a little WW1 burial and memorial sight. Turning around was tight so went off the made track a little, been raining a lot so straight down to the axles I went. Local Farmer helped pull us out but the look...
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    Double Din 4WD GPS

    ^^ What Muc said. Sort off. Buy yourself a Tablet put it on one of those Bull mounts or similar. Save yourself a packet and still have change to buy a double DIN (with out the navigation) CD, Radio, Reverse camera. Although watch out for some of the Chinese ones as quality can be a bit dodgy...