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    ute swag?

    The answer comes down to the individual. If your the kind of person who thinks there is nothing wrong with going 4days without a shower, or uses a chainsaw wearing thongs and stubby shorts, then hell yes!!! But if you actually have some dignity and tend to camp even semi occasionally then hell...
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    Charging electric vehicles

    I did look into it for bikes coz the fruitcakes are banning them and it's a problem that is ultimately unsolvable sadly. Something has to give, and that will be the severe reduction in a quality of life for many, the current state of the world is proof that will happen. The range isnt there cold...
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    Video Editing Software - Choices

    Theres more to editing than just the software. I'd make sure your camera really works with the software, assume nothing. You dont want to render out a whole bunch of vids to find a subtle problem with them. Also if you like smooth lag free playback previewing in timeline you will need a pretty...
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    Is leaving a circuit breaker open bad?

    Oh no! you didnt? Your just wasting money and time (time is money to non philistines) In my glove box is a quality battery tester I got from china that checks the impedance, very accurate and powerful metric, not the toys you get at the hardware. I use it to get a baseline when new and check...
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    Photo How Tos...and Tech Talk Help

    You should be asking what you actually want to do to the photos I think. Me personally I like realistic photos and that requires some serious skill or dumb luck at times and very little to do with actual software. All the adjustments and colour "correction "in the world is just icing on the cake...
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    Your opinion on best 4x4 for long-term camping

    Sounds like someone who is spoon feed. Heres all my money! I command you to build me the best rig! Hahaha you cant buy a pre packaged touring life. When you directly seek something in life you will usually find unhappiness and regret. But dont talk about happiness here, its taught by a monk in...
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    Aux Lithium Battery in a old non-smart Alternator vehicle?

    You should never completely drain the lithium unless sheer neglect, they give you a wide obvious warning by the lower knee. Balancing is sadly one of the most misunderstood things with li-ion batteries it's pretty pathetic. Beware of the google armchair 2week researchers...It usually does so by...
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    How much solar do you need for camping?

    When I first started playing with solar panels I quickly realised to reject the info online about sizing coz it's pretty much all BS. I came to the realization of needing to carry as much as possible. That is alot of solar and means you are in a good place, in bush however you often have peanuts...
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    Is this the beginning of the end for the cape .

    Australians do very well at throwing their land down the drain, and have no ability for self preservation, just multiplying out of control. It's happening all over the world, in every nook and cranny, what is typical is those who criticize the so called pigs, are themselves troublemakers and...
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    250W House panel to Redarc

    The short answer is no. That's a 24v panel and the redarc is for 12v (22voc) panels. from what I have learned electronics dont have much tolerance to voltages and can easily be damaged even by the VOC. At 0 degrees temps that could easily be 40v plus! It's ridiculous spending that much and being...
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    Installing a Winch should I install a dual battery?

    reason there is a flood of fake li-ion in the world is to feed the cheap consumer market. Its huge! There is a reason I dont use lithium jumpers because down the line you pay for it, amazing how soo many gadgets really do weigh your life down and how soo many are oblivious to this. To me they...
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    HEMA HX2

    I just spent alot of coin and effort on the hx1 setting it up and now they have another one???? F me this is why society is gone, it's for people who keep buying new versions of windows yet the core features dont change. The hx1 does not let you simply keep the high res maps and only access with...
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    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    To me it's clear that for all electric setups to take over gas 3 things need to happen 1- these rather dirt cheap drop in lithiums need to prove they can go 5-6yrs casual touring life without showing their age. Ha fat chance. 2- solar needs to be at least 60%efficiency, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN The...
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    VSR and MPPT combo vs DCDC charger

    Q1: Yes, they both will but it will unideal and have problems. Q2: yes and no, it will be producing peanuts. Define charge? Put in some current? Then yes. Get the batts up from a hungry state? No. Top them up if they are already near full? No coz the time to charge usually is very long and solar...
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    Bushranger Nighthawk VLI 9” lights

    But they dont offer a warmer white which is important for some. They dont hit the peripherals much which in many places is just awful without it. They dont target the sides of the vehicle for 4wding. Do they have a proper dedicated low beam for when traffic is near by? Have you thought about...
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    Supanova driving lights

    Generally best to avoid brands that have english like this: Delivering over 980m of light @1lux and over 1400m @ 0.25 lux There is absolutely no way you can tell if they are good quality, they all are getting cheaper and china is getting better. They look slapped up compared to the offroad...
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    It really does seem like fridges nowadays are getting worse and even the good brands are mostly throwaway. The line between quality and mediocre is just getting blurred imo like so many appliances.
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    Anyone into Car Camping?

    Doesnt interest me that much tbh. As it requires a crazy expensive solo rig to enjoy myself, like ASP's Troppy setup. Done enough camping in poverty and just dont like it. You see alot of it were people camp out in a carpark, just nothing to do with camping as far as I see it. Without a proper...
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    Dual battery setups explained

    The problem is some people do stuff that requires big dollars to get by or else the experince sucks. When you have kids and women with you ya gotta be absolutely prepared. My setup is industrial because nature throws all shes got and tries her hardest to screw me over. The goal zero yeti power...
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    Tested the generator output.. sine wave

    I dont see the point? Cheaper to buy a quality charger. They are designed to take even the dirtiest power. As for inverters, most my stuff like appliance ac/dc adaptors and induction motor fans run fine on dirty power. Even lpg generators (non modern inverter) produce a decent sine wave.