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  1. joshinthecity

    I have been offered this....

    No info yet. Other than a trusted advisor knows the owner / truck. More info as it comes to hand. Would this be a 1HZ ?
  2. joshinthecity

    RAM Australia have released the 2500 with the Cummins..

    No idea on price, and no base model sadly. I suspect serious bucks. They had me at 1,152 Nm (not a typo)
  3. joshinthecity

    70 series production officially paused.

    Email from Toyota after waiting over 3 mths. since signing for my 76. I didn't contact them at all, this just arrived in my inbox. "New Vehicle delivery Outlook": "Our team apologies for the delay in delivering your vehicle and understands the frustrations this can cause. Toyota Australia has...
  4. joshinthecity

    Current model Mahindra Pik Up. Do you have one ?

    Care to share your experience ? Any and all info welcome from owners or anyone that knows anything worthwhile. Thanks in advance. Josh.
  5. joshinthecity

    xBar alternative for 76 Series ?

    Does anyone know of something similar to the Xbar that's available to suit a 76 ? Thanks in advance. Josh.
  6. joshinthecity

    Sealed alternators for 70 series. School me.

    Tell me what you know ? I'm planning my "bulletproof Build" on a 2021 76. and this is right at the top of my list What I know: They seem bloody expensive. Begin.. j.