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    Trex winch parts wanted

    I have aTrex13000 winch with a broken drum support gearbox end. Hoping someone may be able to inform me where I may be able to acquire this part. any information will be greatly appreciated.
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    1989 Hilux sr5 with 265/75R16?

    run 265/75/16 copper st maxx on 16 x 7 Sunraysia rims with 20mm neg offset .
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    I have 95 ln106 with 265x75x16 on 7x16 rims with 20mm neg offset with 2” lift + 25mm extended shackles works will with no rubbing on inner guards or springs
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    Dangerous mirrors

    My beef is those stupid / dangerous mirrors that some motor company’s put on there vehicles the ones where everything looks farther away ..My thoughts / wishes is that Australia should ban them..
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    Solar blanket

    Looking to buy a solar blanket ,HC or KT solar would like to hear from anyone who owns or has owned either of these solar blankets. Any information I will be great full as I have never had anything to do with solar power.. thank you from furfarce
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    Hot compressor

    Was getting hot fabed new head cured the problem
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    Tailgate seal

    hi .want to seal my hilux ln106 dual cab tailgate from dust / water entry..I realise total dust / water proof is dreaming so any improvement will be better than it is now .. any help / suggestions will be appreciated.. thank you..
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    Looking for pictures of your booster and master upgrade of a Ln106 and info

    I didn’t do any mods just fitted braided brake lines .. I could not believe how much better my brakes are now..1995 dual cab genuine 145000 kms..
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    National Park access

    I believe every Australian should have access to our national parks if we look after them ..I for one always take out what I take in the same as I don’t litter my own or my neighbors yard ..If we have to get permits and or pay a small fee I could live with that.. I believe one way to achieve...
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    Diesel algae?

    I had a land cruiser hj75 in the 90s it developed algae in the fuel blocking the strainer on the pickup line solved it by removal of the strainer and placing an in line filter outside the tank in an easy to get to position if it blocked up just swap for new one ..I tried all sorts of additives...
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    bridle track

    have they reopened the bridle track
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    They grow so fast.

    I have one offspring a daughter 30 odd .. I have not shaved since she was 6 mths old and only trimmed when occasionly burnt it at work (boilermaker)
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    Should I use SS bolts, nuts and washers?

    I put s/s bolts/nyloc nuts on non structural items and use never seize on every bolt/nut I replace or renew . As for drill out s/s slow & steady with plenty of lube is the secret .. good luck
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    Bull Bar Paint.

    find industrial blaster /painter in your area you be surprised how cheap it is to have blasted/ painted
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    air conditioner power

    waiting for firewall gromets before gasing..
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    air conditioner power

    acquired low km hilux ln106 dual cab with no air con since have fitted complete factory air con system including all wiring.. no power to magnetic clutch or vacuum switch .. unable to locate air con fuse or power source.. any info will be greatfully appreciated.. thank you furfarce
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    hilux front diff

    Want to know if a early surf ln61 solid front diff hub to hub will bolt into a hilux ln106 .. I understand the ratio may be different .. just want to know if it can bolt in . thanks furfarce...
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    sunraysia 16x7

    wanted sunraysia style rims 6 stud 16x7x20mm negative offset..still wanted
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    wastegate actuator

    problem solved. thank you. furfarce.
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    lines on screen

    my 10 year old garmin etrex has varying width lines across the screen . any possible way to remedy .any ideas welcome