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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    I purchased a kings blanket and it shit itself in 12 months with very little use. The regard did the same. However I purchased a kings 200 and a 160 solar panel mounted one on the vehicle and the other on a stand one runs a dc dc charger the other not. Both have been running non stop for over 6...
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    Lockdown Protests

    Well I can see the intellectual people on this site get very nasty when confronted with someone who wants to exercise his or her democratic rights.
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    Lockdown Protests

    Why would they need an ICU bed if vaccinated
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    Lockdown Protests

    Your right
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    Lockdown Protests

    I only pass things on. I'm not an anti Vaxer but every person should have a choice
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    Lockdown Protests

    And you rely on the guardian for your info.
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    Lockdown Protests

    The people that treat them have been vaccinated and therefore should have nothing to worry about. This is still a virus that has a very low death rate. Not like a disease such as TB or the Spanish flu. CFR's have never been consistent ranging from 20% to under 1% depends on multiple factors...
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    Jeep Gladiator or

    I know lots of horror stories involving Toyota but that's ok it's just a Toyota thing.
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    Would a standard 2014 jeep grand cherokee be fine getting to Wonnangatta Station ?

    Men drove all around Australia for years in old Landrovers with only a winch and spare tyres water and shovel. No fancy ARB or TJM back then
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    Another Archm shock failure

    Do yourself a favour and go and buy the right bushes otherwise you will just go through the same shit again
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    Remote touring, petrol or diesel?

    I get about 1000 -1050 klms out of my diesel WK2
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    What brand is your snorkel

    What brand is your snorkel
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    Jeep Gladiator or

    I agree I have a WK2 with 110000 on the clock no issues. People who are quick to rubbish jeep have never driven one
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    New member

    Diesel or petrol, I am also a jeep owner and love it
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    Total noob, help me pick a off road vehicle

    Most people that rag jeeps have never driven one. I have a 2013 WK2 diesel and love it fitted winch and bar, side steps, chief rack, looks and runs like a dream
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    Bull bar for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Uneek bars are very well made, I feel they are a better build than most on the market, even offer service discount just show DVA card or I.D.
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    help this 4x4 newbie please :)

    I own two grand Cherokees a 2003 WJ 4.7 and a 2013 Wk 2 3.0 litre turbo diesel. If you aren't mechanically minded go for the 2013 I love it 5 speed automatic up to 1050klms to a tank.goes like a cut snake. It has a fiat motor. I've got 110000 on the clock no real dramas to speak of just normal...
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    Beware or cheap eBay snorkel kits

    I have used airflow snorkels for years now,I had my first one on my GQ for 16years only thing I replaced was the clamp, and I have had one on my WJ Grand Cherokee for 7 years no drama and I am about to put one on my WK2 jeep.I did purchase a Chinese knockoff for a mate on his KJ jeep but had no...