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  1. Komang

    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    Am not put down any product that people sell or work for it. Our industry is security cctv with solar panel. We bought a pallet of battery agm or lipo from knokoff chinese to the best one in the market. We using smart victron as a charging device and the battery can be 12 or 24v series or...
  2. Komang

    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    If it mass production will be always one or two not good. We using endrive lipo sometimes we find one cant fully charge and have to return it for replacement. The rest about how we lookafter our gear so have life last
  3. Komang

    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    I have only the fix panel 60 watt to power my shed it max 58w never try thier flexi yet But i used alot sun power flexi at work it produce what it said
  4. Komang

    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    Have use normal panel not blanket one Some product brand that realible for me are Atem power and Sunpower size,price and product output a realiable good. That just my op that I use
  5. Komang

    Kooljaman Closure, Cape Leveque

    Not for camp just for a drive with kids and grands, so the knows lots things they miss out. Wont drive to the beach almost bog there one with strong wind and shifting sand
  6. Komang


    I guess every new production will be tested by time. Look at Kia and Hyundai take them a good 10 year in the motorist market to get name
  7. Komang

    Kooljaman Closure, Cape Leveque

    Been there one and planning to going again next month and see how its go.
  8. Komang

    Think-Out AGM Batteries from eBay

    That one of the hole in ebay If the seller remove the item from it listed Buyer cant do much about it (feedback and etc)
  9. Komang

    Camper in SA stabbed

    Respect each other the key when you camp with other. if you camp with all mate no other people around will be different
  10. Komang

    Toyota's Radical All-Wheel Steering Will Let Drivers Move Sideways

    I only see it on electric motor attach to the wheel ie electric scissor lift.
  11. Komang

    2 different size batteries

    Cheers mate for the info Mine will be different scrnario as it the same battery only different AH Thanks
  12. Komang

    2 different size batteries

    Sorry to dig old thread @red hilux As original ranger mine had 80AH dual purposed battery AGM I will add another (pararel) dual purposed AGM 120AH (remove able) and will acomodate removeable winch (tow bar) Hows your dual battery now @red hilux ? Thanks
  13. Komang

    250W solar panel only producing 60W??

    In my experience it the solar controler If I using the standart pwm controler ie ebay cheap one it will pump the max solar wattage can produce. But when I plug in the smart solar charge ie mppt victron it only produce what the safe wattage the controler think for the load (same solar panel) if...
  14. Komang

    Lockdown Protests

    Welcome to western controled society Theres no karma but theres word what came around swing aroung. Chip,5g anti vax and what next
  15. Komang

    Jump start packs

    I got Suaoki T7 prob similar with topdon. It included small tyre pump handy for inflate small tyre. Use it to jump captiva 2.0 diesel easy. Never used yet to jump the 4wd
  16. Komang

    DPF cleaner

    @Chatty yes I see on the web there is one here in perth.
  17. Komang

    DPF cleaner

    @Chatty workshop will charge 300+for regen the filter with their scan tool. Have done this one. Yes like you said 30$ nothing to loose but when i search theirs to many of them not sure what to get. Hope fully some one have use and experince for this thing
  18. Komang

    DPF cleaner

    Yeah mate i know it will clean it self. But in my case she love drove the 4wd for long distance most weekend we drove around 200 to250km. that why i need to know dpf cleaner actualy work or not to clean dpf in the captiva. Thanks
  19. Komang

    DPF cleaner

    Hi Guys my wife captiva now clock 160K It already been around with us to see half of WA. Now it only do short distance to give inlaw medecine, as we have 4wd to go futher. It now start do self cleaning dpf almoust second day. Are you guys using dpf cleaner and what brand? Thankyou.