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  1. LurchWA

    Kooljaman Closure, Cape Leveque

    My mistake. Your right, there were 2 porta loos there in June and an additional charge per vehicle was added at the Jardine ferry. Think it was 10 bucks or so, given the amount of people up there when we were there they could probably do it pretty easy without the funding
  2. LurchWA

    Kooljaman Closure, Cape Leveque

    Was there last year and agree that generated funds appear to have been syphoned off and not well spent in the required areas.. Word locally was that the locals wanted a sealed road and had no intention of keeping it opened after the road was completed. Hoping that this isn't the case and perhaps...
  3. LurchWA

    pop up shower tent - folding them away

    I had one and packing it up made me go spare so gave it away and bought a different model from oz tent. Dont have any hassles with it now
  4. LurchWA

    GVM upgrade

    If you use an independent engineer to do the certification then you can register anywhere mate. Most licensing depts wont question an engineers report subject to the mods complying with that states code
  5. LurchWA

    Lockdown Protests

    Interesting to see how others see the things here in WA. It isnt perfect by any stretch but its a lot better than what the rest in OZ have to offer. Credit where credit is due to McGowan in keeping WA operating at around 75% capacity. He is no saint and his govt isnt doing a whole lot of...
  6. LurchWA

    GVM upgrade

    Hey Chambo, I had a OME 2" lift fitted to my 200 series early on and was informed by ARB that it could be engineered so had it done. Picked up a few hundred kgs from stock up to 3680kg GVM I think from memory. Easy process, fitted mod plate and took report to WA licensing and they changed the...
  7. LurchWA

    Kings gear

    Have some of their canvas bags as an alternative to Drifta, was easier and cheaper to buy from the local store, nothing fancy.
  8. LurchWA

    Landcruiser 300 Series

    I cannot wait to see what arrives on the dock with the 300 and will give it the benefit of the doubt upon driving one. That said I may wait till they have ironed out any issues before I buy one. Cousin recently bought a Chevy to tow his toys are didn't get much change from 170K though did save...
  9. LurchWA

    National Luna fridges

    Seeking feedback on National Luna fridges. Normal stuff required, build quality, power usage, electronics, cost V competitor etc etc etc A mob keeps coming up on my FB feed offering a $400 discount on their single tub fridge unit and $200 on the fridge/freezer unit so making them worth a look, I...
  10. LurchWA

    WA again

    Where do I get a job like yours Noel, it would be perfect for me
  11. LurchWA

    Anyone into Car Camping?

    We camped out of my 200 series on a recent WA to Cape York trip and we enjoyed it the experience though both of us agreed that its ok for a couple of weeks but a camper or caravan is a better longer term option. Packing/unpacking stuff at the start/end of each day was our issue as it was as an...
  12. LurchWA

    Climate Change - Biggest Money Making Con of the Century or Imminent Extinction of the Human Race

    Doesnt look like it does much at night time though mate!
  13. LurchWA

    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    Mate I seen a lot of people like that on my recent trip east up to the cape and back home to WA so I definately feel your pain!!
  14. LurchWA

    HEMA HX2

    I have the HN7 and the lack of an alternate way to connect to a PC is frigging joke. Windows Mobile Device Centre has been on the outer for years and is no longer supported so I cannot connect to my PC anymore. Is good for major tracks but thinking that others do it way better, have GPS Tracks...
  15. LurchWA

    Bogged - WA Wettest July in Years

    It would have been completely lost if it werent a cruiser
  16. LurchWA

    First Aid while 4wding

    I take a variety of stuff to deal with most common injuries and sickness, cuts, scrapes, burns, gastro etc etc and a sat phone for the more serious stuff. My thinking is call for help and assist until more qualified assistance arrives
  17. LurchWA

    Corona virus

    they are getting all their info off Facebook mate, listening or reading some post from some clown who has no idea and then treating it as absolute gospel truth. too dumb to look for any info elsewhere that doesnt align with their agenda
  18. LurchWA

    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    Yes Grippy that sounds about right. Any labour very hard to almost impossible to find in our local area here in WA also. This is affecting all industries and we have about 140,000 unemployed in WA yet are bringing in foreign labour to pick fruit and veges. I have been in business almost 30...
  19. LurchWA

    Corona virus

    Oooh I really like her and think she is a real honey, but can you imagine the interrogation if you were late home from the pub!:oops:
  20. LurchWA

    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I dont mind the LR to be honest and there are some good ideas in the vid. That said I would love to get a hour or 2 in the Dodge Charger/Challenger (at least it looks like either one!) parked in his driveway :cool:;)