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  1. Dave_w

    How much torque across an axle would be = to locked.

    I have a clutch pack locking diff that I can preset 5 different levels of lock. If I have an engine output of 600Nm and a diff ratio of 4.55:1 a low range of..., in 1st gear and 34" tyres with a grip level of...... Arhhhh. It is all too hard. Would anyone know what would be a torque value...
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    Please delete
  3. Dave_w

    Can a Porsche cayenne be a good 4x4 ?

    Looking at a second hand Cayenne as a proper 4x4. I'll give you a moment to stop laughing............... ..... They can be lifted and can fit 34" tyres, have low range, some have centre and rear diff locks, swaybar release, active everything. The only thing is no one seems to have done it...
  4. Dave_w

    Looking for new petrol manual 4x4 with low range

    It's time for a new 4wd. I want a light (like a Hilux not a Cruiser) proper 4wd not a SUV or anything close to one. Prefer a twin cab or maybe extra cab with a tray back. I can not find any with a manual gearbox and petrol engine. Anyone with a suggestion ? Thanks Dave