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  1. jacnden

    New LR Defender

    Wasn’t sure where to post this. I was a little doubtful about the new defender but it looks very impressive in this video
  2. jacnden

    CVT offroad

    Hi all I wonder if anyone has real world experiance of using cvt auto gearbox off road and on steep hills? As it’s supposedly continuasly (that’s not spelt correct) variable then it should create a very low gear in a steep situation? Has anyone driven anything with cvt where they would of used...
  3. jacnden

    32” muddies

    I’ve got 5 low k (couple of thousand k) Bridgestone mts on alloys and 1 federal mt on sunraysia 235/85/16 Rims are +38 offset suit rodeo colorado Great wall isuzu $800 ono
  4. jacnden

    Who’s responsible?

    So I traded my Chinese car a couple of weeks ago and saw it in a car yard on the weekend. First crazy thing was the price at $9999 ,but worse, it was offered with reg and RWC. Now the car has wheel spacers, body lift, ball joint flip, illegal size lift and illegal size tyres. If some poor...
  5. jacnden

    Car bra

    I’ve got a car bra that’s had little use and a rear wheel mount rubbish bag that I want gone. Make me an offer!!!
  6. jacnden

    Fold flat fireplace $100

    Fold flat fireplace with grill and rotisserie attachment Packs up small and easy to carry Rotisserie motor needs replacing ,cheap from bunnings
  7. jacnden

    mercedes ute

    there has been a bit of discussian here about the new mercedes ute, there was a write up on a russian forum i follow but it ended with this little titbit. nice little ute! also the comments are google translate version of russian , which can be interesting Did you know that the X-Class is not...
  8. jacnden

    quick release awning

    i got this link sent to me from a friend in russia. interesting idea of a quick release awning that you can disconnect from the car and drive away. i cant find any info, does anyone know anything about it?
  9. jacnden

    Border track

    just starting to put together an idea of a trip to big desert and after some info on border track. Do I need a permit to drive? From parks SA?. Is the one way part of border track from below pinnaroo to red bluff worth the drive? I was thinking of starting at wonga camping area then thru...
  10. jacnden

    Jeep anyone?

    Interesting video from roothy. Now it's obviously a paid add , but looks impressive
  11. jacnden

    An Americans perspective

    I found this on expedition portal. It's interesting to see what people from other countries think on there travels thru Australia
  12. jacnden

    Flat battery

    I had a flat battery a couple of weeks ago , it's an exide xn50zz 85a/h . The car is not a daily driver and sits in the garage for a week or 2 at a time. It's been fine like this for a year or so I rolled it out the driveway ,started and all went well, thought maybe I had left a door not...
  13. jacnden

    Noisy heim joints

    so I think they are called heim joints? They are the joints on the end of my adjustable lower trailing arms They dry out and tend to seize and squeak really bad. I've been in touch with the builder who says just use any good quality oil I have been using this spray lube Does any one have...
  14. jacnden

    Barkley river jeep track

    ive seen a few good reports on Barkley river jeep track but a quick look at google maps shows it is quite short. Can someone tell me a bit about the area? Is there a good loop that ends back near licola ?
  15. jacnden

    A day in the bunyip forest

    I posted up a query a while back about Gentle Annie track in the bunyip forest and ended up with an invite to a trip with Sean (silver toy) and a few of his mates , Dino and Ivan in gu,s and Wayne and his lovely wife in a gq. Forgot to mention Sean has an 80 series with lots of tricks on 35,s We...
  16. jacnden

    bunyip park and gentle annie track

    i am looking at camping out at bunyip state park and then having a days driving including gentle annie track . can anyone give me trip notes or a route to follow . meduim difficulty and just to have a look around maybe in the next month or so
  17. jacnden

    4wd selection problems

    Bit of a long story but bare with me I've had on and of problems with my Chinese car with 4wd selection problems for a few years now . Now before anyone tells me it's just a Great Wall thing, it's a borgwarner t/c common to ford and Mazda and a lot of 4wd out of Asia . Difficult to select 4hi...
  18. jacnden

    Rim width

    I picked up a second hand rim 16x8 because Ime playing with different offsets and it was the only one I could find. I have 235/85/16 tyres and correct width is 6-7" . The rim I got is in good condition and I was wondering about keeping it for my second spare . What do you think about using a...
  19. jacnden

    Rim offset and IFS suspension

    i bought some wheel arch flares, you know the type with notches in them. Only trouble is with my 235/85/16 tyres on stock rims they look pretty silly( yes I know the flares might end up looking silly as well) . So I was thinking of trying some -15 or -25 offset rims , maybe like a 2" dish to...
  20. jacnden

    Is this the perfect travelling setup

    Just found this on the wife's Facebook and thought it to good not to share I guess if you could afford this setup the fuel bill wouldn't worry you