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  1. muc the truck

    Cheapest way to dissolve rust and fertilize your grass,garden

    I have just taken down my Molasses tank and dumped it on the garden in time for the rain we have just had thats made our garden super green . I have had car parts soaking in 2000 ltrs of it . 1 PART MOLASSES 8 PARTS WATER . It takes about 2 weeks but if its painted and your too lazy to...
  2. muc the truck

    I bought a Disco $800 td5 auto 7 seater

    All up its cost me $860 so far . Tyres are great , engine would not start (loose fuel line caused air and they didn't know how to fix it ) runs great after purging . Auto is slipping as its done 350,000 . Its has 15k worth of receipts from first owner that sold it to a native Australian 9...
  3. muc the truck

    Post all accidents casued by driving with phones here . It might change peoples bad habbits.

    I have had to avoid accidents from mobile phone drivers, one today , I have been hit by mobile phone drivers and I continually see carnage from mobile phone drivers . So I start this thread and hope everyone else can post there own photos . I will go looking for my accident damage tonight...
  4. muc the truck

    1100NM TB48 PATROL.

    Been meaning to look online for some info on this patrol after I had seen it Leave a AJ in a XR6 Tubo for dead at the traffic lights months ago . Last night I found this . Its also shows a small amount of the 4x4 tracks we have in the middle or Townsville . I think its better than the...
  5. muc the truck

    4x4 driver disqaulified lands on 3 cars

    Lucky no one was killed . Ice pipe found in his car .
  6. muc the truck

    Dont overtake in the Dust

    Incase some of you don't do BookFace I have uploaded the photos of a Toyota driver overtaking in the blind through dust hitting head on innocent people in the Nissan . No one received real serious injury which is amazing .
  7. muc the truck

    Jackaroo, Trooper , MU , Big Horn Option codes

  8. muc the truck

    Electronic rust protection system pulled down what a mission.

    As some of you know in my spare time I have been converting a Stolen retrieved Holden jackaroo from Auto to manual . Well today we were running the clutch fluid lines across the fire wall and my friends electronic rust control system was in the way of where this new line to the car would go as...
  9. muc the truck

    I wonder if he fited all the bolts or they ripped out .

    I would love photos
  10. muc the truck

    97 Holden Jackaroo T/case ratio / differences. Manual -Auto

    Hi. As some of you are aware I found and recovered my mates Stolen 1997 jackaroo auto on the Creb track a few weeks ago in wich they cooked the auto traversing the creb in High range in Drive on the way to there camp . (this is a common route for stolen 4x4 as it dodges the barge) Insurance...
  11. muc the truck

    Not mine but i wish it was. Number 1 Overlander wagon .

    Do you have a spare 100K . Its only going to go up.
  12. muc the truck

    Townsville under attack by car thieves.

    My 70 year old friend just had his 1997 white/grey Holden jackaroo stolen from Willows shopping centre while he buys his food . The ignition and door locks must have been forced. The car is fully sick set up for long distance touring . long range tank , trans cooler , winch , duel Bats. diff...
  13. muc the truck

    Helpfull info for major service 2008-12 colorado

    Jaye For your major you will need to buy a rocker gasket and 4 injector rocker cover seals , 1/4 drive torque wrench (don't wing it ) A fish scale . (good excuse to go fishing afterwards) , Circlip pliers for Outward . Feeler gauges for both the rockers and wheel drive flange shim stack...
  14. muc the truck

    Any one would think i own a volvo not a toyota RZN154.

    I know from experience parts for Volvo are often not in country and never thought Toyota would get this bad for such a common item . I have replaced dozens of them - Idler arm bushes 90386-18002 in Hilux . Toyota branches in Qld don't have them , After ring a couple they all said the...
  15. muc the truck

    Overloaded roof racks

    I was going to put this under jokes but , its funny and not .
  16. muc the truck

    We all need correct spacers with non genuine mag wheels

    I while back I was puled up at a police checkpoint looking for defects . I had one defect , It was mag wheels fitted without spacers . Thankfully he let me off with a caution . I was slack and I admit this , didn't pester the tyre shop when he put them on for a while after . A while ago I...
  17. muc the truck

    Santa can buy me this Jeep. because it will be the last present I ever get from him because I will be so bad in it .
  18. muc the truck


    I seen this on the news. someone is confident , I hope he takes his flag down . I was at Sarina the other day and yesterday drove home to Townsville . while driving through Proserpine an Bowen al the birds were flying west . I arrived at Townsville Birds everywhere so knew where the cyclone...
  19. muc the truck

    Red Dot Tyre award 5 years running Kuhmo mt51

    Red Dot Tyre award 5 years running sounds like something impressive Kuhmo has won but I cant find a single thing about the award and what other tyres were compared . Does anyone know what other tyres it was tested against ...
  20. muc the truck

    Fix window regulator for one dollar .

    I was going though some old photos last night of my time living in Darwin and come across these. My window wound down in the wet season one day and refused to wind up so I had to fix it immediately . This is what I come up with and it never missed a beat . I already had the countersunk headed...